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Maybe it was an omen that the Gary Roberts was there, a man widley recongized for his ability to grind out goals and play as hard as he can at all times.
Maybe the lessons he once taught were used against him.
Maybe it was an omen that Big Ben was there, a man who was comeback city all year.
But what this was, was a superstar putting a team on his back.
The Pens were dead.  Season was over.  Again.
A shutout loss to the Lightning?  Again?  At Home?
Malkin showed us what he was about.
He ignited the crowd.  He ignited his teammates.
His third-period and OT performance is on the periodic table of elements.
3 points in a blink of an eye. GWG.
2 points in the playoff race.

But probably the most important thing in all of this is that someone finally won the CONSOL shirt:
4:58 Wednesday afternoon.
The fact this contest took so long means it works.
We'll use it when the opportunity arises again.
Brian S. in D6.
What a seat.
timorthy f.
lee s.
New anthem pic policy:
If the picture file is over 200KB, you're dead.
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We were robbed of seeing Gary Roberts back in December, which was the MLF night at Calico Jack's, but tonight he was dressed.
There was a moment of silence before the game to acknownledge how intimading he is.
Mark Reechi went off early for hooking.  He's still a force.  But the Pens PP is as pretty as a 1st-grade art project.  Reechi came back later and levels Dupuis and proceeds to go pick up his social-security check on Liberty Avenue all in the same motion.

After some crap, Bing tries to go to town.  No dice.
It was gonna be a recurring theme.

Orpik took a penalty later, Roberts plants himself in front.  Nope.

Steven Stamkos has no clue wha'ts going on and runs over MAF.
PP for the Pens.  joke
Tampa Bay takes over.  Ryan Malone. 1-0.
We feel lost now that we can't make Big Ben jokes anymore.
At the end of the first, Tampa Bay was on the Pens like balls on rice.
It was as if the Pens weren't even in the building.

Pens got a PP at the end of the first, which was like watching a porn with your mom.
St. Louis was allowed to dance in on MAF at the end.  Big save, if that's what you call it.
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Let's hope Shero hires Vince McMahon when he decides to let Therrien go:

H/T to Sean G.
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The second period was all about rookie goalie Mike McKenna stealing the show.
Is there a way to look up goalies who are making their NHL debut against the Penguins?  They have to be 69-0 with a GAA of -.098

Luca Caputi got some playing time in there.  Good to see.  He better stay up.


6:00 into the second, Lecavalier and St. Louis were like sharks in the Pens zone.
You knew it was coming.  2-0.  Right there, it was like the Lightning were the Soviets.

100 bucks that is carrot.
BE MINE GENO sign in Carrot's vicinity.  It's her.
Anonymous sent both of those carrot shots in.  Solid.

During an unreal shift, Roberts destroys TK and then shoots the puck on the Fleury late on a delayed whistle.  Ryan Whitney doesn't say anything to him. Lame.

After some crap, a whistle comes out of nowhere.  Yessssssss.

The Pens get a 5-on-3 out of it somehow, and the PP goes to work.
Seriously?   It was like walking around with an erection all day.  Fail.  Christ.

Vinny Lecavilier scores.
Worst moment since you realized "Coach" jumped the sharked when he started coaching that NFL team in Orlando.  3-0.

If you thought the Pens had a chance in this game, you are a joke.
Or maybe we're the jokes because we abandon ship faster than Bob Gainey's daughter.

picture 24
Watching TSN on the break of the Sabres/Leafs game,
Bob Mckenize throws Therrien under the bus:
"The Penguins last year hated their coach"
Guess who else was in house.
Bobby Clarke. Shoot us. He says when Hossa didn't resign, it was a sign something was wrong with the inner workings of the Pens organization. They day Bobby Clarke starts planting rumors that you almost agree with is the day it might be time to pack up.
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This was about the time Evgeni Malkin took over the game.  He steals a puck at the blue line, gets it to Dupuis. Dupuis hits the post. Malkin follows up and taps it home.   3-1.
Malone lined up Letang for a hit, thinking he was a $20 bill.

Caputi was nowhere to be found, but he finally got out there.
Guess what?  Scoring chance.

Reechi hits Malkin with a high stick. Joke.  No call.
Whitney holds a stick.  Penalty.  That could have been the end.
But the Pens kill it.

Tick, tick, tick.  Tick, tick, tick.
As you're Google-searching how to tie a noose, Mark Eaton gets a puck on net.

Hits off some dude.  3-2 just like that.

The Pens still need a break.  And a goal.


And then our old friend Gary Roberts helps the Pens by taking a huge penalty. Matt Cooke was fishing, because he baited Roberts bad. Roberts hand was in the cookie jar.


For some reason we can't explain, we knew this PP was gonna connect.
Malkin just shows you what being a human being is about.
He digs like a coal miner.  Huge scramble in front.
Goal.  3-3Sykie in the bank.

You can have A.O. and his 23 shots a game.
But there isn't a more valuable player in the NHL than Malkin.

Can we even put it into words those last frenetic minutes of regulation?  If Tampa scores there, after this huge comeback, we kill ourselves, and this recap never sees the light of day.

picture 23

Malkin starts OT and is just everywhere.
Both teams are playing their balls off. Marty St.Louis gets a chance.

Tampa and Pittsburgh trade chances.  Malone almost ends it.
Bing brings your erection to a climax, but sit down.

If you thought Talbot scored on the delayed whistle, then you've been watching hockey for a week.
Everyone thought that was the last gasp.

Then, all of sudden, some joke loses his stick. Jordan Staal steals it.
Malkin City in front.

4-3 and GAME.






Yahoo Pictures-esque shot of Cotton Candy.

What a pic by Timothy F.