If this was 2006, everyone would be saying the Penguins played a solid road game, and they can build off this loss because they did play well.
But this isn't 2006. They are the defending Eastern Conference champions and they just got one point out of a possible six on a crucial road trip.
With still 30 games to go this is far from over.
Whether or not that's a good thing.
We don't know.
picture 20
Anytime you play in Montreal its huge. You can feel it.
Right off the bat Crosby goes to the net and gives Price sweet chin music.
Kovy lets his presence be know, but Mark Eaton is on top of things

A lot of anticaption in Caputi first shift.

He gets the puck wide open deep in the Habs zone. Man it would be funny if he would score on his
dllflsfl;sdfkl;kflkflf;l;f;kf;kf;kf Pen take the lead.
1-0 Caputi. First shift. Jesus.


Hairstyle city


Most exciting moment of the season.
Then before you can adjust your ball sack, Gods and some joke fight.
And Gods owns his life.

The lead as usual is alive shorter than JonBenet Ramsey, and Montreal answers.

Caputi forgets he has to play defense in the NHL, and commits his first turnover.
Malkin cleans shit up, and smokes Mike Komisarek .
Komisarek then takes a penaltly on Malkin. And then he molests him.
Malkin gets a penalty for being there because the Montreal crowd calls for it. But Komisarek gets 4 minutes

Powerplay time. As expected nothing doing.
As time flies by, you keep asking yourself when Luca Caputi is coming back on the ice.
In the meantime, Kovy is out of his mind.

The crowd tries to start a Fleury chant, but it isn't an automatic script so they stop.
Montreal starts flexing its muscles. MAF is under fire.
More turnovers and the Mafs keeps making saves.
Malkin gets back to the canvas and he draws another penalty.
Go-Go Whitney, Malkin-Sid-Sykora =Solid powerplay. First time the powerplay has looked coherent.
No goal scored, but good shit.
Habs kill it and start flying up the ice. Roman Hamrlik is everywhere. Tomas Plekanec too.
Malkin goes behind the back to spring Bing on a breakaway but no dice as Price comes out to play it.
A lot of urgency for a first period game in February. Montreal goes back to dominating, but they shit themselves.
Under 20 seconds, Minard takes a penalty. Vomit.
picture 21
Habs start the the second on a Powerplay.
Montreal's powerplay is sharp.
MAF flashes the glove on jokiu. Pens kill the penalty so Minard can come out of the box and not be a factor.
Malkin makes a sick pass to Whitney. Nothing. J-Bo would have buried it. Just Sayin'
Another 2-on-1 for the Pens. Crosby tries to fee satan. No dice.
Sykora, Staal, and Caputi gets stuff going. Solid.
Habs come back down, but Go-go holds the right analog button down and murders some Hab.
Pens get a 4-on-2, but it falls apart faster than Heroes.
Habs can't do anything either.
Caputi gets on the ice, and immediately distinguishes himself. Impressive big time. Other than Malkin, he was the best forward on the ice tonight for the Pens.
Prices makes some saves for a change.
Pens start taking the play, Mark Eaton leads the charge. Some idiot shoots it over the glass for Montreal.
Big time powerplay coming up.
Without absolutely no rehearsal,  the Pens collaspe.
Higgins gets a turnover from Bing. Breakawayblog.
Top shelf.
goal 2-1…ouch
Back on the powerplay. Nothing. Habs kill it.
The brakes on Dupuis's Chevy Impala blow out, and he almost gets kill. Habs get another big time change. But no dice.
Ryan Whitney turnover.
Montreal gets it deep, cycle, goal.
Montreal is all over the Pens.
Not good times.
Kostitsyn undresses the Pens. One more goal, and it is bed time. But MAF looms large.
Thank god Mark Eaton is healthy again, because he is cleaning everyones mess up.
Habs almost end everyone's life. But MAF says no.
Satan has officially jumped the shark.
picture 22
Talbot and Kovy have a little exchange before the third. The most effort talbot showed thus far.
MAF has to make another be save early on some guy whose last name sounds like a beer.
Sykora, Malkin, Caputi get out there.
Not for long though.
First NHL penalty for Caputi on a weak call.
Every time Montreal has the puck on the powerplay they look like they can score.
You don't feel like that with the Pens.
Caputi comes out of the box and gets a scoring chance. We're not just mentioning his name all time just to do it, he was just that good tonight.
Bing tries to split the whole team, but the habs shut it down.
Komisarek  almost puts the nail in the coffin, but he forgot he sucks. Another save by MAF.
Talbot gets a couple of chances and the Pens play dump and chase.
Bob Errey is starting to flip out.
You can tell he is about to throw someone under the bus.
Talbot with some big time hard work, and draws a penalty on some ham.
Doesn't get much bigger than this on the Powerplay.
Pens bust ass, Malkin walks off the board.
What a player. 3-2.
Ten seconds later, Malkin puts it into unbelievable mode and nearly goes through everyone.
Montreal can tackle players now. Kovy answers back with a scoring chance.
Back and forth city.
Kostitsyn tries to job, but Candy wasn't born yesterday. Still though big save by MAF.
Malkin is on another planet.
But this game is in Montreal, so you can tackle players now, big no call because…..
Habs come down, their almost offsides.
Goal.that hurts. 4-2.
Father time saddles up, and all of a sudden there is no time left.
Pens pull MAF.
Just too little to late.
  • Ryan Whitney -4, thats embarassing.
  • Tomorrow might be a retirement match for Michel Therrien
  • Caputi is the real deal. Looks like Kevin Stevens
  • Speaking of Kevin Stevens, if Adam Graves goes to the raffers at MSG, how do the likes of Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, Tom Barasso, and double J not get raised at the Mellon?
  • vomit
  • total rough copy of the post, we didn't even spell check or proof anything. Blow us.