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Texas Ted Leonsis has Twitter.
Will there be droves of Pens fans in Washington for Games 1 and 2?
The sound of Pens fans erupting after goals will be all anyone needs to know.
If someone is going to the game and they hand out shirts,
we have some interesting plans for it.
Hell, don't even worry about our plans.
Just pee on it and put it on YouTube.
After the jump…
— A Penguin does NBC doggy-style.
— Alex Ovechkin may not be 100%.
First time a number higher than 12 has been near a % sign with AO involved.
— your mom
Some sick shops
Just a multimedia note, you can look at every picture we ever posted on our old home on blogspot here:
One day we'll organize everything we have on bloguin.
Stephen S. does have a sick gallery of his creations:
So by now you know that the game is on NBC on Saturday.
But because of the Kentucky Derby, if the game goes to OT, it will be switched to Versus.
Unreal times.
It may be to late for Saturday,
but we strongly endorse the SportsSync radio to listen to the Pens broadcast.
We're telling you. Do everything you can not to listen to these morons.
What a hockey game to start the second round.
Hawks were down 3-0, battled back to tie it at 3 in the third period.
Then the Canucks got a 4-on-1 with 90 seconds to play:

Washington's rookie goalie doesn't understand English.
Which means he won't be able to read what's on the puck
when the Pens bring him back down to Earth.
We may need a Russian nickname to chant for this joke after he starts getting owned.
Speaking of Biron.
Puck Daddy found this:
Here's what we see when we look at that:
We had to break the Puck Daddy silence with this one.
Just too bizarre.
And finally, is Ovechkin 100%  PENSBURGH
go pens