Penguins Bowling

Thanks to Ghostwalker for uploading this to youtube from PENS TV

Great video.

Is there is a team that does more community work then the Pens?
Bowling is probably one of the most fun things of all time. Can’t remember but last year during the playoffs we went bowling after the Pens went down 2-0 or before some huge game. Completely got our minds right.
You could get lost on the internet searching 7/10 splits:
Might need to get a Pensblog bowling league at some point.

Back to the video, amongest other stuff, Bill Guerin’s mustache is completely out of control.
And at the end, around the 7:22 mark watch Granato jobbed Potash while Crosby is signing a shirt for some kid, while a giant tuna looks on:
The bald guy = one of granato’s hit men.
Potash better be careful.
Go Pens.