The best thing about all the trash talk that goes on during the course of a playoff series is that, unlike most things in life, there will be a final and definite result.
With that said, Sidney Crosby will lead his team into the second round of the NHL playoffs, and Mike Richards will lead his team into a series of charity-golf events.
There is no debating that.
But make no mistake about it.
This game wasn't just about Crosby.
The common sentiment we've seen among Pens fans
is that every single Penguin did something significant in this one.
To a man, each did their part to secure one of the most uplifting non-Stanley Cup clinching wins in the history of the franchise; and a 0-3 comeback at that.
For those of us born in the mid-'80s or later, this win is big.
But how about the Pens fans that endured the Flyers beating the Pens
42 straight times in Philadephia in the '80s and early '90s?
Oh, how sweet it is.
We'd like to think the last thing to go through John Steven's head, other than the thoughts of little boys, is how the hell Disco Dan and Crosby's leadership got the best of him.


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picture 20
The first five minutes were frenetic. The Pens were back to working hard.
Any nerves you had were slowly put to rest as the Pens started off playing a solid road period.
Malkin was everywhere. The Pens were getting the first few chances.
Cooke makes some unreal turnover. A Flyer gets it and puts zero talent into his shot.
Don't even remember this play, really. Who cares.
After long stretches of play without a whistle, the game was slowed up for a while.
Have to compliment Darren Pang. He called the game of his life.
He is genuinely entertained by the game.
He doesn't think he's bigger than the game itself.
Everything was fine. It's 80 degrees outside, Pens are playing well.
Only a matter of time, you can feel it.
But then came meltdown city.

This whole series has been was about not making mistakes.
The Pens D was making a change, and Talbot had to go control the puck.
Little Richards picks his pocket, get it to the net.
Mike Knuble hasn't earned a goal in his entire career.
Picks up the trash. 1-0.
Then the Flyers catch the Pens on another change. 2-0.
That was rough.
Still no clue what this play was all about.
It didn't make sense. The Pens had owned the period.
And the Flyers score two goals in two minutes.

The Pens get a PP that would transfer into the second.
If there was a bright side, it's that the Flyers outburst happened at the tail end of the first.
Can you imagine trying to weather an entire period if those two goals went in within the first five minutes?
picture 24
Isn't this where…
picture 21
If you were still in a daze, you weren't alone.
The Pens powerplay didn't do jack, and after some garbage, the Flyers got a power play.
Briere makes his first appearance of the 2008-09 season. 3-0.
Everyone's favorite blog:
Unreal times.
Watching Briere's goal celebration was like watching someone get away with a crime.
It was bad. Bea Arthur died.
Let's see what everyone was saying:
From the Phillyblog, the 700 level:
From some Flyers message board:
Time stamps are off all across the internet for some reason.
If you have free time and want to watch/read people slowly fall into despair, just follow their gameday thread. [LINK]
Down 3-0. Some left them for dead. Others knew better.
Whatever group you're in, you can agree with what happened next.
Daniel Carcillo takes Max Talbot's baiting and drop the gloves.
Carcillo throws some haymakers, but Talbot holds his own.
First time we've ever agreed with Eddy O. What was Carcillo thinking?
In WPXI's post-game, Talbot said the Flyers bench was telling Carcillo to fight.
If Max Talbot hadn't already supplanted himself in Penguins history with that goal in Game 5 last year, this fight might do it.
You could just see the Pens bench waking up.
For as long as we've done this blog, we have held fast to our notion
that once you get the Flyers playing on emotion, you will take over the game.
When you saw Carcillo pumping up the crowd after the fight,
you knew he was awaking some hockey gods that would have otherwise stayed dormant.
No clue what Talbot was doing by issuing the "shhhhhh" to the Wach crowd.
But looking back on it, it was almost like a warning.
On the very next shift, Malkin takes over and shows you why he is a big-time hockey player.
He flies behind the net, works it out front, doesn't give up.
Tenko finishes it up. 3-1.
Tenk's stick gets caught under Biron's pad. He innocently reaches for it.
This sets Coburn off for some bizarre reason.
Big-time melee ensues.
Later in the melee, Letang has his stick across someone's throat on the ice.
Oddly enough, only Malkin and Coburn go off.
The momentum was snowballing. Pens get an odd-man rush.
Kennedy has no choice but shoot it.
Opportune rebound. Someone bats it out of the air into the net.
Who the hell was that?
Eaton city. 3-2.
Where did he come from? Incredible.

And then the good old Flyers started showing up, taking ridiculous penalties.
The Pens get 4 minutes of power-play time. No dice.
Those penalty kills pretty much stopped the Pens momentum.

And then the Flyers get a power play of their own.
But the Pens stifle it.
And the Pens got the momentum back.

Later in the period, the Pens entered the zone and had numbers.
Guerin jobs around, puts it on net.
Bing city. 3-3.

Kunitz had a chance at the end of the period to end lives.
No dice. What a period.

picture 24
…we came in?

Going into the third, the game was up in the air.

The momentum was hanging above like the Intercontinental belt in a ladder match.
And the Pens seized it.
The Flyers ice the puck and have some joke line on the ice.
Disco makes a subtle move by putting Malkin-Crosby-Guerin out there.
Although the Flyers are able to make a change on the ensuing play, the move led to confusion for the Flyers.
The Pens break out. Malkin sets the table for Gonch.
From downtown.
The next 17 minutes were the longest of the season.

Malkin gets sent off for some bizarre penalty.
The Flyers get a 5-on-3.5 when Scuderi gets injured.
Rob Scuderi is what the playoffs are all about.
He works hard, even going into the boards full throttle for a loose puck while favoring his wrist.

Hal Gill finally gets it out.
An exhausted PK unit gets relieved by fresh PKers.
It was like Marty Jannetty getting jobbed for 10 minutes and finally being able to tag in Shawn Michaels.
Father Time settles in.

The Flyers almost capitalized off a giveaway, but they didn't know what was going on.
A scary situation developed when Gagne's skate comes toward Little Richards' face.

We hate Little Richards and everything about him.
But we would have hated to see something more severe happen there.
That's never good for anyone.

The Flyers had a great chance later.
Little Richards had the puck, was patient. MAF was in trouble.
Rob Scuderi makes a play that won't be in the box score and knocks the puck away.
Man. What a player.

At the next faceoff, the organist starts the CROSBY SUCKS chant.
Flyers fans realize their season is slipping away and don't join in.
Then the organist stops it immediately and goes to a CHARGE song.
Probably the best moment of the series.

Claude Giroux had the next best chance for Philly.  Hits a big-time post.
Looked like it went in with the naked eye.
Here's some joke about Charlie and a gay dude named "Eye" that we're too lazy to formulate.

The Flyers were coming in droves.
Were the Flyers gonna score?
Or were the Pens gonna capitalize on the Flyers' desperation?
More suspense than an episode of Ghostwriter.

The Pens were trying to run the clock out.
Well, actually, they were still executing their normal game plan.
And they were still generating chances.

The Flyers get their first chance in about two minutes.
Hartnell with a blast, Lupul was there for the tap-in.
MAF with another unbelievable save. Don't know what else to say about it. Unreal.
2:11 left in the game. Faceoff in the Pens zone.
Every time the clock stopped, it was years off our lives.
42.7 left. Flyers timeout. Craig Berube draws up the play.
That's when you knew it was over.
Berube couldn't draw up his son's bus route to school.
The Flyers kind of win the faceoff, but not really. After heart attack city, the Pens clear it.
Jeff Carter puts the exclamation point on a horrible series and gives it away to Crosby.
Carter totally gives up on the play.
Crosby races for the puck, misses the first chance.
If you're like us, in that split-second, you thought of this:

But Bing corrals it with his glove, pushes it to his tape. And ends it.
We don't know who that organist is and we don't know what he looks like.
But the look that undoubtedley was on his face is what life is all about.
Reader/Pic Sender KRYSTLE MAIER with a playoff performance.
  • We wish we could jam every STUNNED pic into recaps. We don't want that jumping the shark. It's getting close to the pond.
  • Rest up your photoshop apps for Round 2.
  • Darren Pang is from the NHL on ESPN days. Clutch color commentator.
This was how everyone expected last year's Eastern Conference Finals to be.
Coming into this Game 6, everyone was saying
that the Flyers had been outplaying the Pens and should have a 3-2 series lead.
Not so much.
Each team deserved each win they got.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Looking at a breakdown of stats, the proof is in the pudding.
Look at the leaders in plus/minus for the Flyers compared to the Pens:
Flyers first two lines were all minus.
Nothing else needs to be talked about in that regard.
If there is any one reason why the Pens won this series, it is Marc-Andre Fleury.
His unreal save in the third period of Game 2 kept the defict at 2-1,
before the Pens tied the game and won it in OT.
His game-four performance was a 45-save masterpiece.
With the Pens down 3-0 in Game Six, Fleury held the fort while the comeback began.
He shut the door in the third period and made another big-time save; this time on Lupul.
He outplayed his counterpart, French Toast, and led the Pens to victory.
Flyers fans everywhere said,
"The Flyers took it to the Pens but your goalie stole you a game."
Yeah, he's a Penguin.
And that's what goalies are supposed to do.
One thing that has been solidified in this series is that Flyers fans may be the dumbest in the NHL.
They boo obvious penalties against their team.
Yeah, everyone boos the borderline stuff.
But you boo when your player breaks his stick slashing someone and then chant that the refs suck?
That's just ignorance.
We're proud to announce our new pet for this segment.
He came highly recommended by Marty the Chicken.
We are proud to introduce…
Homo The Goat.
So many goats to choose from:
The Pens went right at him 14 seconds in Game one.
Kunitz destroyed his life early in Game 3.
All we heard last year was how great the Flyers were with him.
Well, we're still waiting for him to show up.
He is clearly the Flyers equivalent to Gonch. But he never played as such.
When you spend 80% of your ice-time trying to shut down Crosby, you can't do much else.
That's not our problem though.  Baaaaaahhhhhh.
Timonen had one assist.
Gonchar finished with 5 points.
And although he scored only once, it was the series-winning goal.
Another goat:
Carter had 46 goals in the regular season. Mark Eaton had more goals than him in this series.
He finished the series with one point, and was a minus-one.
One point in six games?
Might have to rename the Heimlich Manuver "Carter."
Choke city.
Honorable mention goes to:
Let's be honest.
Every time he carried the puck, you adjusted yourself on your couch a little.
But it was only to see if the stench in the room was from Richards being overrated
or from you not knowing if you crapped yourself in bed the night before.
Easiest choice ever:
Claude Giroux
If you wouldn't take Giroux, you're an idiot.
Three goals, two assists in six games of solid work.
He was everywhere…when he had playing time.
Kinda had the best chance for the Flyers when he hit that post in the third.
rest up.