Oral Roberts

Remember the scene in Armageddon when they tell the astronauts
to take the night off so they don't forget what they're fighting for?
That's what we're doing.

How this dude didn't win an Oscar for this scene alone is beyond us.


But we couldn't help doing some more,

including the origin of "Free Candy."


New unreal Wi-Fi Replay thing at Pens games. 





The original e-mail:

Anyone have the larger version of this?

It has banner city written all over it.


You'd expect us to have it, but we



.  And thanks.


Photoshop we made last year that was used as an entirely different one for Sunday's game.


We only say it because we were back at the old Blogspot looking for the Free Candy pic and stumbled across it.


We saw this pic on HUFFINGTON POST used for some terrorist article.

Does that not look like Jerome Bettis?

And finally, FRENETIK MHz found Smizik's long-lost brother and/or sister.




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