One More Day


At about this time tomorrow, you won't be able to focus on anything.
School, work, your significant other… they'll all be ignored in favor of Penguins hockey.
Hopefully your significant other was with you during last year's playoff run
so he or she will be used to it by now.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are one day away. has an audio preview/conference call of the Stanley Cup Finals
with Don Cherry, Pierre McGuire, Mike Milbury and Eddie Olczyk.
The douchebaggery of the panel is matched only by the terrible audio quality.

The equivalent of the playoffs for mediocre hockey teams, the NHL Draft Lottery, takes place today.  Does anyone else feel a sense of joy knowing that the Leafs won't be able to get one of the top two picks?

EA Sports has used NHL 09 to predict the Stanley Cup playoffs.
They picked Boston over Chicago in six games as the Final.
Last year they predicted San Jose would defeat Montreal for the Cup,
which, as we all know, was entirely accurate. has listed some ways to further your enjoyment of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
How about bringing back ESPN?
Gary Thorne calling a game is all we want.

There are still tickets available for the playoff games in Philadelphia.
It would be a shame if those seats were filled with black and gold.  Road trip?


Stephen S has created two amazing framed illustrations, one of Crosby and one of Malkin.  Both are up for auction on eBay.


 has confused their sports:

[Lorri M]

go pens