No Suspension or Fine for Hartnell

From TSN:

Due to a lack of evidence, Philadelphia Flyers winger Scott Hartnell will not face any supplementary discipline for an alleged biting incident in Thursday's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hartnell took part in a conference call with NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell on Friday morning but will face no suspension or fine. Sources say the referees and linesmen did not see the alleged incident and as such, there was insufficient evidence to further penalize Hartnell.

Clearly Gary Bettman and the NHL are once again favoring the Penguins and trying to…. wait… what?

Whatev…. after the jump: Photoshops.


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Unfortunately now removed from Wikipedia
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If you send in a photoshop, put "photoshop" in the e-mail's subject line.
And attach the pic. Don't put it into the body of the e-mail.

We have a filter in G-mail that takes e-mails sent in the fashion mentioned above
and forwards them directly to a folder in our PICASA WEB ALBUM.

You can probably see how easy it would be to abuse this system.
We already have countermeasures in place for potential jobbing, though.
It isn't worth your time.

And if you want credit for the PS, put your tag in the photoshop itself.

picture 7

Just to be sure Hannibal Hartnell doesn't receive an entire post to himself, here's Bruce Boudreau in a car commercial:

"It is a combination of three — forwards not coming back [plus the goaltending and defense]. Everything is a team. It is a team game. When things go bad, there are five guys on the ice. When I looked at the [second] goal, five guys made a mistake."

"There's not one first-year guy on the defense. These guys have all been around. Who's the youngest guy — Schultz? This is his fourth year, third year in the NHL. These guys should know what the hell they are doing. Right now we're not playing good enough."

Bruce Boudreau only now realizing that the Caps have a problem with their defense

Leafs tomorrow night.
It's an all-thug double feature.

Go Pens.