No Panic At The Disco. PENS LOSE.

So, you're honestly telling us that David Steckel was the difference-maker?

On a night when both Crosby and Ovechkin get HTs,
who else was gonna chip in?

It was David Steckel.
Not Evgeni Malkin. Not Tom Green.
Not Sergei Gonchar. Not Alexander Semin.

David Steckel.
Which is why no one is remotely close to jumping off bridges yet.

The Caps have seen this story before.
It's as fresh in their memory as it gets.
Team down 2-0 in a series only to crawl back into the series.
What they didn't have was the luxury of coming home for Games 3 and 4.

The Caps have preserved their home-ice advantage.
That's what good teams do.
No one has said the Caps are a bad team.

Saying Ovechkin took over this game is an understatement.
The chip on his shoulder playing against Crosby is doing wonders.
The entire Pens team may need a chip on their shoulders.

We're waiting with bated breath
for a Capital to say something stupid before Game 3.

If it's 2-2 going into the third period of Game 3,
then you can start worrying about shit.

Seriously: Dave Steckel?

The hockey gods don't like that kind of stuff.

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anthem pics will have their own post Tuesday evening.
picture 20
Great start to the game.
Orpik and some joke go at it near the boards.
Pens get a powerplay somehow.

A Cap loses his stick. 5-on-3.5.
Whoop and Letang job it back and forth.
Whoop gets set for the one-timer.

Bruce Boudreau threatened to eat every piece of chicken in D.C. unless there was a makeup call.
It was no surprise, after a commercial break, the Capitals were on their own mysterious power play.

Ovechkin gets his 200th backdoor one-timer chance of the season, but the Pens kill it.
Then someone gets behind the Pens D.
Letang has to job him. Or maybe he didn't.
Pens were back on the PK.

And they killed it.
Letang gets a breakaway out of the box.
Goes for his tried-and-true backhand move.
No dice. Varmalade is a goaltender.
Fedotenko lays out some joke.

Bill Guerin gets a slash.
Chris Clark elbows a Pen. Forgot to take his arthritis medicine.

Late in the period, Tom Poti interferes with Crosby.
Calls going both ways. Solid officiating.

Power play was just jobbing around the perimeter.
Norris goes to the box for slue-foot city.
How do you even put yourself in a position to take a penalty there?

If you're gonna vomit on a 5-on-3, do it at the end of the period.
Joke goalie makes some unreal saves.
Caps had about 30 seconds to capitalize on the momentum immediately.
picture 24
yeah right
picture 21

Can't give Ovechkin one-timers all game.
The Rangers didn't. 1-1.
As it goes in playoff hockey on the road, you have to weather storms.
The storm was in full force when Dupuis jobbed one over the glass.
Bill Paxton sends Dorothy out to block some shots. Just a huge kill.

Malkin had a solid chance after the kill, but Varlamov was in the way.
Job job job
The Pens put one home.
Crosby with the trash again.

Varlamov changing lives with some saves.
So this is what it's like to play against a goalie out of his element. Bad times.

The Capitals then get their first sustained pressure in the second period.
Goal. Game of bounces.

You want to a telltale sign that two teams are putting good hockey out there?
After a first period littered with penalties, the players knew what the refs were about.
No penalties in that second period.

Well, until Ovechkin takes a swan dive.
Did he hit himself in the face with his own stick?
What a bizarre call.

Caps can't capitalize.
Power play in third period was looming.
picture 24
suck it
picture 22

The Pens kill of the jobber 20-some seconds to start the third.
And then it was time to go.

No one told the Caps in those 8 minutes or so.
Pens were seemingly on a power play in the Caps zone.
And you know what happens when the Pens are on a power play wooo.

The game dipped into the second half of third period.
Malkin gets jobbed in front of Varmalade.
Biggest PP this side of John Holmes.

The climax came when Malkin tripped some joke.
You knew what was coming.
And this is how just seconds can change your live.
Official scoresheet says:
Malkin was called for a penalty just as time expired on Jokecina
Off the faceoff, the Caps win it clean. A.O. blog.
3-2. What a shot. Nothing you can say.
The Caps continue to free up A.O. with interference.
Watch the highlight.
Semin jobs Matt Cooke:

Unlike Caps fans, we know refs don't decide games, so whatev.
Is Matt Cooke celebrating the goal?
Or trying to plead with the refs for interference that has now blatantly happened twice?
Any gripes you had with that are mud like 8 seconds later
when an AO toe drag gets a piece of Whoop's stick on its way past MAF. 4-2.

Crosby draws a penalty late.
Miracles flash through your mind.

Skirmish in front of the net.
Crosby bats it in for the HT. 4-3.

Capitals brass rubs themselves, knowing a slew of hats on the ice would have looked awful.
Their shady ticket practices may have finally worked.
Pens fans will catch up. It's the age of technology.

Caps job it for the rest of the
Boudreau was calling for a suspension of Chris Kunitz for a crosscheck on Varmalade.
"It was pretty vicious. It was a direct cross-check to his throat before Crosby scored.
There was no puck there. We hope the League takes a long look at that."
Conveniently for the Caps, the NHL included the incident in their highlight:



Check what "pitthockey" found on a Caps message board:
Craigslist can be rough.
This person is lying anyway.
A member since January 2006.
And this was only his 83rd post?
Only a diehard fan looking for attention does something like this.
Go Pens