NHL Playoff Manifesto. Our Jobber Picks.

The only thing we are experts on is how to job people.
But hockey is fun to throw around, too.
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Here are all the odds:
Pens a solid 9 to 1
If you head over there, you'll see they've amassed unreal NHL stat pages.
We flirted with gambling stuff earlier this season.
We did all right, then we cooled off faster than MySpace.

Taking a page from ESPN's Bill Simmons' NFL Playoff Manifesto, [LINK],
we wanted to make an NHL Playoff Manifesto.

After the jump, we have our first-round rules that we've picked up
through our years of watching playoff hockey.
In the comments, please add any you feel pertain to a series.
Or don't and continue being pumped for Game One.
Rule 1:
The Arturs Irbe rule
If you know the playoffs, you know what this is about.
There is nothing like what a hot goalie can do in the playoffs.
From a Pens fan perspective, we have seen it before.
Wregget '96 first round, Tugnutt '99, Hedberg 2000.
One of the most historic hot playoff goalies of all time was Arturs Irbe.
According to one of the greatest sites ever, GoalieArchive.org, Irbe, as good friend Mr. Plank from the San Jose Blog[Fear the Fin], said, "He put the F'n sharks on the map."
The scene was round one of the Western Conference Playoffs, 1994.
Number one seed Detroit against the the lowly eighth-seed Sharks:
After playing over 4,400 minutes in the regular season,
Irbe was primed for the playoffs.
As indicated above, he made 33 saves in a game-one win,
24 saves in a must-win game four.
He was out of his mind in game five with 31 saves.
And then in the Joe for game seven, he made 28 saves, setting the stage for this goal:
Please note that number 12 for the Sharks is Bob Errey.
After that series, Irbe was on another level.
The Sharks forced the Maple Leafs to another seventh game before losing.
The series that we'll mark most affected by this rule is:
#3 vs #6
Cam Ward has a chance to steal the show.
A hot goalie can carry a poor defensive team about a series and a half in the playoffs.
And Arturs Irbe played for Carolina in his career.
We'd make a HEROES reference about things being connected if that show still mattered.
Canes in 7.
Rule 2
The Legend card
This might be our favorite.
The legend card is as easy as it sounds.
It is one player who can win one series by himself.
It is a defining moment, a defining game, that brings their team to victory.
These are all Hall of Famers.
One that hits home:
Double J against the New Jersey Devils in 1999:
And then there is this.
The commetary on this pretty much drives everything home
that we're trying to say here about this rule.
Rangers or not, if that performance doesn't make you appreciate being alive,
nothing will.
But, yeah, there are only certain players that can touch this.
At first glance, you'd think Brodeur.
But he could apply under the hot goalie.
The example of this rule, we believe, will be Mats Sundin.
This series is why having online game video streams is clutch. The Canucks still have the goaltending edge, but the Blues are cash right now. Mats Sundin came back fora reason. This could be it.
Game six in St. Louis, Canucks down 3-2 with 6:00 to play. Sundin city.
Ties the game, wins it in OT.
Game 7 is over before it begins.

Rule 3
Experience the Evolution
This rule is patterned after the 2007 Penguins. After three years of missing the playoffs, the Pens came flying into the big dance. Then the wheels fell off. The Senators ended them in five games.
Everyone seems to be thinking that the Blackhawks will be that team this year.
They've always garnered comparisons to the Pens.
But not so fast.
Calagry and Chicago is a whole different beast.
This might be the easiest pick of the first round:

You saw the Red Wings last year. It would be one of the biggest upsets of all time if the Jackets were to win. We would love to see it. But it ain't going down.
If we actually cared, we'd look at the combined record
of all teams in the playoffs for the first time.
Can't be good.
Wings in 2.5 games.

Rule 4
Never under any circumstances back the following coaches:
Mike Keenan, Ron Wilson, any coach of the Washington Capitals.
Game 7, Sharks vs. Flames last year.
Mike Keenan pulls Miikka Kiprusoff after riding him all year.
Backup Curtis Jokesph come in, gives up a cheap goal.
Sharks take a 5-2 lead.
Well, the Flames would score late in the game to make it 5-3.
If Keenan doesn't pull Kipper, who knows what happens.
Yeah he won a Cup, but he is the biggest basketcase coach in the playoffs,
narrowly beating out Torts.
Blackhawks in six. Havlat for life.
Rule 5
In most sports, this is relevant.
In hockey, it is a law.
Beating the team that knocked you out the previous year is what the playoffs are all about.
At least Montreal fans won't have to riot this year.
They should just simulate this one.
Bruins in 1.
We're hoping to add to the list of rules as time goes on.
We couldn't really think of any good ones for Rangers vs. Caps.
Because we hope both teams lose.
Sharks aren't losing to the Ducks either.
Just for shits, here are our (Derek and Adam's) brackets:
** We came up with this idea after Rick went to bed.
Note: We did our brackets separately without really discussing the playoffs.
The similarities are disturbing.
We probably made out after we filled them in.
The sharing feature soon to come to Rinkotology is gonna be epic.
go pens
Series preview tomorrow morning.