NHL Looking Into Cooke Hit



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According to TSN, the NHL is looking into Matt Cooke's hit on Artem Anisimov.
Rangers coach John Tortorella wasn't very happy about the hit:

"The big thing this year is head shots and what the league is going to do about it, but to me it’s pretty simple," Tortorella said. "There’s no fear at all [of] retribution.

"That’s why there’s more violence. Guys hide behind the rule book."

"The linesman jumps in [with Brashear] when it should have been left alone,” said Tortorella. “That’s where it’s screwed up."

Will Cooke be suspended?
For the answer to that question we turn to the NHL Suspension Flowchart from Down Goes Brown:
After completing the chart, it looks like Cooke will receive a 1-5 game suspension.
The Suspension Flowchart is pretty genius and great work by Down Goes Brown, but part of us thinks that it's giving the NHL too much credit.
We can't actually picture them looking at a chart before determining a suspension.
A monkey spinning a wheel seems more realistic.
What else do you think Maggie the Monkey is doing now that she's retired from TSN?
Wait… on second thought, that's not fair.
Considering the way the NHL hands out suspensions, it would have to be a blind monkey throwing feces at a wheel making the decisions.
Our apologies to Maggie.
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Ray Shero was too busy patting himself on the back to be available for comment.