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New Photoshop Expo: Crosby Pees On Me

On Friday [PUCK DADDY] posted at least his 70th pic of a fan peeing on Crosby.
Yes, another fan peeing on a Crosby card. That card above is from some card photoshop expo.
Now, we’ve had it out with Greg before. Puck Daddy is a beast, and really one of the only blogs we read. So it is not personal. And to be fair, the pic came from some LA Kings blog no one will ever read.
But this is business.
You’ll ask the following.
Why do you care so much?
Because it’s old, but yet still garners attention.
Why do you still get mad about people bashing Crosby.
Because we want to.
Didn’t you post pics of someone peeing on A.O and Washington Caps towel?
Yes, yes we did. But we can do whatever we want.
Fact of the matter. Holding your shaft, and then proceeding to pee on a pic of a man….yea as homoerotic as it gets.
So it is time to serve internet justice the only way we know how.
A photoshop expo.
It is time for Bing to have his revenge.


  • Make photoshops of Crosby peeing on people or objects
  • Try not to show the Penis…please.
  • email the pics to thepensblog@gmail.com
  • in the subject line put : CROSBY PEE
  • Do it.
Go Pens.
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