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New Comment System

The end of the "E login no access" is here.
However, there will be issues. We knew this was going to happen, just weren't sure when.
We'll be working all night on fixes and shit. Check back for details.
Updates after the jump


Okay, if you are having problems with your avatar do this.
First: Sign in.
Then go to the tab "home"
Underneath there go to "profile"
Click "edit" then "update your image"
Update a new picture if you have to.
We're still working on other problems. Post other issues please.



Yes, there is a delay in posting. It is about 2-3 seconds. Just going to have to deal with it.
Also, the quote button is now in the box below when you are writing:
far right button.
so if you want to job someone, copy and past what they say. Click quote. Insert the text you copied.
Does everyones box look like that?



It appears no can "Edit" their post.

Here is what ours and some admins look like:

We're working on shit.




Looks like no "edit" button for right now.


However this is a cool new feature. We now have access to a top 20 members list.

Top five every month might start winning shit:



A few things we need to be more clear on.
  • The Top 20 is only visble to us.
  • No we won't be giving away anything for being a top commentor. It is just kind of cool.
  • Admin can def use the Edit/unpublish button, but it is not available to readers. Still trying though. The banning however is sick.