NBC = Joke


NBC has problems other than the one they created in late night.
Seen on Empty Netters and many other places:
There’s nothing like showing a video package on how excellent a goaltender is playing while he’s getting scored on.
That clip features everything that makes NBC’s hockey coverage terrible:
Pierre McGuire gushing over someone, confusion over what’s actually happening on the ice and a missed goal while a video package is playing.
No wonder NBC expects to lose $200 million on the Olympics.
They’ll probably show a Sidney Crosby highlight package during figure skating and miss a gold medal performance.
That clip includes some classic NBC lines as well:
“This was a set faceoff play!”
“Seventeen in red!”
The best part?
Next Sunday’s Penguins/Flyers game will be the “NBC Game of the Week.”
So is the Penguins/Red Wings game on the following Sunday.
You probably haven’t heard anything about these games since NBC makes little attempt to advertise hockey.
That little tiny Sidney Crosby graphic in the top right corner is the only hockey reference we found on the NBC Sports main page.
The Penguins February 7th game in Washington could also be on NBC.
The “NBC Game of the Week Regular-Season Flexible Schedule” is available on the Penguins website and a lot of Pens games are listed as possibilities.
Rest assured that no one is happy with the Penguins being on NBC.
Pens fans hate the subpar broadcasts and non-Pens fans hate the constant Penguins coverage.
Maybe the terrible coverage is what causes people to tune out NBC’s hockey broadcasts and not the evil screen in front of Mellon Arena.
Luca Caputi and Ben Lovejoy have been sent back to WBS.
Go Pens.