NBC Again Shuts Down The Screen


Apparently things work differently in Pittsburgh than in Buffalo.
In yet another brilliant decision by the National Broadcasting Company, the big screen in front of Mellon Arena will be dark on Sunday afternoon.  This goes against what was reported yesterday.
The screen will be on for tonight’s game and all other games this series.
Sunday’s game is on NBC and thus the screen is not allowed.
Seth at Empty Netters points out that “NBC really doesn’t care about the 5,000 or so folks who would congregrate in front of Mellon Arena and the miniscule damage it could do to ratings points potentially.  What the Peacock does care about is the precedent it could set with one of it’s bigger high profile sports partnerships such as the NFL.”
The fact that NBC “doesn’t really care” about hockey shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.
In other NBC news, check out Jay Leno’s ratings.
Go Pens.