M. V. P. — PENS WIN.

Every paper on this fine Wednesday will undoubtedley begin their recap of this game with a lazy St. Patrick's Day reference, and they'll think they are the shit.
But Evgeni Malkin ain't Irish, and he ain't lucky.
He's just good.
Ironic that we led off the recap with a lazy St. Patrick's Day reference.
With another reminder of why he is the MVP of the National Hockey League this season, Malkin led the Pens with a five-point night.
More importantly, the Pens inched their way into a tie with the Flyers for fourth place, even though the Flyers have like 40 games in hand.
After a week full of cut-throat games, it was nice to watch a game that the Pens were pretty much in control of from the second period on.
With the win, the Pens and bloggers now have a few days to rest before a game on Friday against the Kings, who like the Thrashers last night, will be playing their second game of a back-to-back.
With Philly coming to town this weekend,
Friday night against L.A. is trap-game city.
Jump city for the rest of the cap.
And we still love Hedberg.
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There are times when we don't know if we can get up for the recap.
But then we see anthem pics rolling in.
And we remember what we're fighting for.
We don't know of any other blog that does anything resembling our anthem-pic thing.
We sometimes forget how sick this is.
What a pic from Yahoo.
The first of several banner-worthy pics in this recap.
picture 20
Nice to see the Moose. First start in Mellon Arena as an opponent.
Right of the bat, things looked bleak.
Some guy scores within the first minute for the Thrash.
Anytime you do something within a minute, sans ejaculating, it is probably a good thing. 1-0.
How dumb are the Thrashers? Why wouldn't you be tanking it?
Tavares could save your franchise. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.
The Pens, kind of recovering from the Bruins game, wait awhile to wake up.
But Bing draws a penalty, and a new-look powerplay sets up.
Malkin is finally taken off the left point, and put on the right wing.
LGP almost explodes.
After another Thrasher takes a penalty, Gonch lets one fly.
Gonch may have won the Norris this season if he wasn't hurt.
Six goals in fifteen games. He had like 5 in the first 45 last year.
Moose kept the Thrashers in the game the rest of the period, but they couldn't give him any support. The Pens, like Peter North, just kept coming.
Finally they drew a penalty. And who else but Kunitz would cash in on the powerplay.
What a player.
A Thrasher player throws up after realizing Chris Thorburn plays on his team.
picture 24
We are so behind on everything, it isn't even funny anymore.
Having a third staffer would be money in the bank.
But we don't even have time for that process till summer.
But we like adding more work for ourselves.
We got two solid pics we'd like to see made into banners for the site:
Solid pic of the Mellon:
[Thanks to Terry S]
and this pic from Columbus:
Another pic from Terry.
Desktop Wallpaper?
To get the full-sized pic, right-click and view image.
Or just drag it into a separate tab.
picture 21
In the second, the Thrashers fell apart faster than a WPXI newscast.
The Sesame Street line starts going nuts.
Staal has 20 goals out of nowhere.
Think about all the open nets he missed.
He is a 30-goal scorer.
80-plus goals from your first-, second-, and third-line centers. Man.
The Pens weren't done though.
After the Thrashers take a penalty to negate a powerplay, Malkin scores a nasty goal 4-on-4.
Off the faceoff he goes to the net, kicks the puck to his stick, and backhands it past Moose.
Malkin wasn't done yet.
Thrashers take another penalty.
Malkin from Jagrville.
Heidelberg has no clue.
The Thrashers score, just to make us think bad thoughts. 5-2.
Period ends.
picture 24
Most confusing photoshop we have ever gotten.
picture 22
Usually we'd be prepared for the worst, but the Pens were in control.
Gonch gets his fourth point of the night on a sick pass to Mark Eaton on a 2-on-1.
Two defenseman on a 2-on-1. HCMT's head just exploded.
Malkin with an assist on the play.  Five points.
The third period was cruise control until the Thrashers started being dicks.
Some dude got all pissed off, and the Gods smacked some dude.
That dude in the white may or may not be a ref a Bills Golf Land.
The on-ice referee made a bad call in his honor.
Malkin tried to run the score up, but Hedberg was there.
Then Malkin got a breakaway and was tripped.
Penalty shot.
Great pic by Neil shows the puck skipping.
Malkin misses the net.
Mom and Dad are still cool with it.
[Brian H]
The crowd seemed confused on whether to chant "Geno" or "MVP."
We will be in attendance on Friday, and an MVP chant WILL be started.  Bank.
Kunitz had one last chance to help Malkin get his sixth point.
No dice.
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