Move Along. Nothing to See Here.

It's Monday.  It's cold outside.  The Pens lost both games this weekend.  Malkin's points lead is down to two.

It's tough to be in a good mood today.

The good news is that the playoffs start soon.

Just like with everything he does, the world is scrutinizing Bing's actions yesterday as if their lives depended on it.  Youtube videos of the Ballard hit and subsequent fight have been analyzed more than the Zapruder film.


If any other captain in the league does the same thing it warrants one line in the middle of a recap.

We'll say this again.  We're a Pittsburgh Penguins blog.  We write about the Pens and throw in some Youtube videos of infomercials to mix things up.  We'd blog about what Chris Minard ate for breakfast if nothing else was going on in the 'Burgh.

When a Pittsburgh Penguins site obsesses with ridiculous minutiae concerning the team it makes sense.

When anyone else does it we shake our heads that the same people complain about Sid being "the face of the league."


One more time:
"I expected someone to come; I didn't know who it would be," Ballard said. "He's their captain, and he understands that no matter who it is, you have to do something. He's an intense player, competitive. At that point of the game, that was pretty much the right thing to do."


Hart Trophy: Alexander Ovechkin (Capitals)
Vezina Trophy: Tim Thomas (Bruins)
Norris Trophy: Mike Green (Capitals)
Calder Trophy: Steve Mason (Blue Jackets)

This is good:

So is this:

Mrs. Malkin is no where to be found.

And, to mix things up a little, this:

Go Pens.