Moustache. PENS WIN.
MAF wasn't really tested in this one, only facing 20 shots.
But he has now started the season 4-0.
And he looks good.
No enticing storylines from this one.
Except for Citizen Cane running around being a dick.

H/T to zarley
JVS supplied all the in-house pics for this game. Solid.
We went back and found this from the Rangers game:
And then this from the Islanders game:
Far right.
The only iffy one was the Philly game:
Close enough.
That's 5 for 5 on the season.
Bboth teams were flying at the beginning of this game.
Jesus Christ. It looked like the tape was sped up.

Matt Cooke grabs a puck and does a snipe job.
"Cooke bought a boost pack." — Yan

Somewhere in there, Staal starts getting beat the f up.
Orpik gives him some incestual FC, and then Staal blocks some shot.

Orr and Godard

Pens get a PP. Dice.
Gonch gets the puck. 2-0.

FSN graphic of Dana Heinze shows that he played for the "Johnston" Chiefs.
They just aren't on the top of their game right now.
Danny P. said "Johnstown."

A little later, Kris Letang gets speared and high-sticked, -stuck.


Guerin jumps in and gets a roughing penalty to go along with Rosejoke's penalty.
Letang was seemingly a target all game.


Did he break some fraternal rule with the Hartnell thing?

— Some awesome things up for auction to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphona Society. [ PensHead ]
This was thrown around in the C-blog of the Flyers recap.
Hockey doesn't want people to be aware of cancer?

Here's that sick pic that PENS UNIVERSE is dominating.

Next shift, Matt Stajan holds up Go-Go.
You would never see a Penguin player do something momentum-crushing like that.

Power play. Malkin flicks it to the net.
Wasn't an intentional to pass to Bing regardless of how much we want it to be.

Jay McKee blocked your mouth on a shot.
Job job. Gonch gets crosschecked from behind.
Justice showed its beautiful face just seconds later.
Gonch to Malkin to Crosby. 4-1.

damoose found this one.


that's gay
Facebook recently cracked down on the Dany Heatley Facebook group.
-JS with the update.
AClaus found a Free Candy Shirt.

Dan Potash interviewed Granato before the third.
One of these days, Granato's gonna give up the coordinates of his lair.

The Pens head into the third period up 4-1.
First chance of the year to see how the Pens hold a lead.

A minute into the third, the Leafs scored. 4-2.
Just what the doctor ordered for Toronto.
Leafs turn it over. Malkin with his 8th point of the night on a pass to Staal. 5-2.
What a pass. He doesn't even look to see where Staal is.
The next faceoff is delayed as the FACE-OFF logo starts coming up through the ice. Wow.
We've always wondered how the paint gets laid in there. But that didn't look like no paint.
Here's a link about what the hell that stuff is.
Rupp and Rosebud tangle.
The rest of the game was pretty much cruise control.
Malkin gets tripped up as the period dwindles.
Crosby went like 10 for 11 on faceoffs during that PP.
Pens took a penalty in there somewhere for throwing it over the glass.
Nobody cares.
Pens get a PP late. Nobody cares.
Population of Toronto probably dropped by 8 tonight.
Johan Franzen's out 4 months with a torn ACL.
He just signed a long-term contract.
Don't worry — Players always come back good as new after an ACL tear.
Ducks beat the Flyers 3-2. RECAP
Down 2-0, Teemu Selanne put the team on his back and scored twice
in the second half of the third period to send it to overtime and a shootout.
Guess who then nets the game-winning goal in the shootout?
Teemu Selanne.
Chris Pronger scored a goal against his former team.
This game was in Philadelphia.
Guess who was the number-one star voted on by in-house media?
Chris Pronger.
Philly sucks.

Phoenix lost their whiteout home-opener 2-0 to the Blue Jackets.
Mathieu Garon got the shutout for Columbus. Figures.
go pens