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Morning Pensblog: G20 and The Pens


As we get closer to the season, on non-game recap days we'll begin the day with something.
So send pics, wierd youtubes, whatev. Basically, this is a ballant copy of "Wake Up Deadspin."
Anyway, we'll start with this.
If you aren't worried about the lunatics coming into the city for G20.
You might want to be:
Couple that with the fact some dude showed up at a Pittsburgh Council Meeting wearing a polar bear mask and you might want to be a little more concerned.
[courtsey of KDKA]
The only reason we really care is how this effects the Pens.
They've already had to move up a preseason game to Sept. 15 [orginally slated for Sept 25.]
Also, because of G-20 the Pens, we imagine, will have to be on the road the entire week.
They have an away game Sept. 24th in Columbus, as well as a game in Detroit on Sept 27th.
According to [LGP] the Pens training camp schedule is the following:
Although it is unclear, rumors have been circling that the Airport could be shutdown, as well as the entire city of Pittsburgh for basically that week.
You'd have to think this is going to be a nightmare for the Penguins staff and players.
And not to be alarmists, but in just doing a brief Internet search we found some interesting stuff.
One Pittsburgh blogger, [Pittsburgh Comet] was at some meeting about G20, he said there were rumors of the Consol Energy Center might be receiving some extra security.
In the crowd I heard a rumor that the Consol Energy Center AKA Penguins hockey arena is in line to receive extra protection including security personnel and special fencing, considering its name may make it a target for some stuff.
Nothing concrete, but we gather someone is probably upset about energy killing something and how the environment might be effected. And Mellon is a bank, so someone is probably pissed about that too.
Steeler fans don't have to worry about Heinz field being touched unless there is some Ketchup anarchist out there we don't know about.
And quite frankly, no one cares what the fuck happens to PNC park.
Our only interests are the Mellon Arena and Consol Energy Center. We hope Mayor G20Stahl knows what he is doing.
So keep an eye out on the Internet. If we have to job some terrorist homo group, lets do it.
Go Pens