Morning Pensblog: Jim Paek Lives The Code

As we get closer to the season, on non-game recap days we'll begin the day with something.
So send pics, wierd Youtubes, whatev. Basically, this is a blatant copy of "Wake Up Deadspin."
The Penguins prospects are taking part in the prospects tournament up in Kitchener.
They are 0-2 or something, got in a few fights. [] has more.
We were all set to show the fights, but then we saw a video we needed to share.
Oct. 4, 1991. The first game of the season for the eventual Stanley Cup Champ Pens against the Sabres in the Aud.
Early in the first period Kevin Stevens starts a scrum in front of the Buffalo net.
Mario gets invloved, and then all world asshole Rob "Gay" Ray comes after Mario.
But guess who knows his role.
Jimmy Paek.
Did Rob Ray really need to take his shirt off there? Like want exactly warranted taking your clothes off in that situation.
Also, how big of a fan boy is that announcer? Did Paek even hit Ray that hard?
He also didn't do his homework. Paek was on the team the year before. That is lazy broadcasting. Typical for Buffalo.
In the end the Pens win the game 5-4.
Go Pens.
God bless Jim Paek.