Morning Pensblog: Halloween, Chris Cooley Justice



Yes, I went trick or treating in the suburbs of Pittsburgh dressed like this,
collecting money for UNICEF in a classic jar of Jaromir Jagr peanut butter.
—Reader Jon S.

This is all we have to say to that:
A few Charlie-o-lanterns™ are creeping into the inbox.
A slideshow of Halloween stuff after the jump.

Also after the jump, an old friend feels the wrath of Aunt Karma's period.

™ of cakkers21



Some of this stuff is really amazing.
Wish we could somehow appropriate credits to all of these.
But this slideshow is just too easy.

If anyone feels slighted that we didn't credit you, e-mail us.
We'll then credit everyone so no one knows you were the homo who wanted credit.



Aunt Karma, meet Chris Cooley.

"Sidney Crosby is good at talking shit, Alex Ovechkin is good at hockey. I didn't realize this until yesterday when I thought that I was going to see two of the greats in the NHL. I saw one who is great and he was wearing a red jersey. The other one, I saw him cry like a 7 year old who got beat up by the school yard bully. Maybe he's mad that Ovechkin has 20 more goals than him. Or maybe because his team won't make the postseason."
-Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley
Feb, 23 2009

We said we were going to closely follow Chris Cooley's season to count how many times he fails.
Of course, we haven't, because Chris Cooley's own parents don't even know who he is.

But last night on MNF, Chris Cooley finally got his justice served upon him.
This headline from the WashPo says it all"


suckkkkkk itttttttt


Honestly wish there was something to talk about.
Go Pens.