Morning Pensblog: Defy Ordinary Curse Lifted

From the moment it was unleashed, it was widely regarded as the worst marketing slogan in the history of the world:
It sucked the life out of everything.
And now, as Rick mentioned yesterday, a new slogan is here.
We love it for so many reasons.
1.) It makes limited sense, which is great.
Jay McKee mentioned it was pretty much nonsense.
And it references Steven Seagal.
What a tagline.
2.) This:
Half-tempted to walk into work today and keep asking if anyone knows why Richie did Bobby Lupo.
What an awkward scene.
4.) The shops. People are inspired:
Jump city for "Rupp in, Tenk out" rumors.
And the Green Men make another appearance in Vancouver.
Newspapers already bookmarked in our browsers:

Ottawa Sun

The big rumor going down right now is that Tenk will sit, and Rupp will play.
That's what the lines looked like in practice.
It's a move that is hard to agrue with.
Fedotenko looked borderline uninterested in Game One.
Pains us to do it, but Rob Rossi mentioned it.  [ TRIB ]

Why we love photoshops:
So April In The D.
H/T Pierce.
From Dan Steinberg on Twitter earlier this week:
Should be on a bulletin board somewhere.
1:28 mark.  It truly is the playoffs.
Note: If the Pens game-production team played "A Hard Day's Night" 10 seconds after a crushing OT goal,
we would never go to another game.
Good reads this morning:
  • Metz's All-Stars in Rinkotology. [ Rinkoblog ]
  • This happened a little bit ago, but some former beat writer of the Globe and Mail jobbed our good friend Dr. James Mirtle. [ Tom Benjamin ]
  • NHL coverage is up up up. [ Puck The Media ]
  • Great article about being a Pens fans in NYC. [ PSAMP ]
  • This is why this is the best new blog on the planet. DeVivo finally unearths the Barnaby Tribute video. [ BackTeching ]
Last night:
And this was from earlier this season:
go pens