Morning Pensblog: Boston Boobins




PENS UNIVERSE wants your Mellon Arena stories.
At least go there to see their header picture. Unreal.

Pens ain't wearing their Powders tonight.
They'll wear them for the first time this year on October 17th.

Pens won the Cup.
We really don't care about a uniform curse anymore.
But to each his/her own.


A couple boobs rubbed against each other at a Bruins game recently.


After the jump are some NSFW/SFW pics.




Like why?

At least Carrot has her dignity.

Can anyone even spot any other women in the crowd?

And do little red dots over nipples constitute as censorship? what the hell.

picture 7

First Flyer fan e-mail of the year:


We bet dollars to homos that this guy doesn't realize Ray Shero is Fred Shero's son.


Speaking of the Flyers, Captain Leadership netted the hat trick over A.O.
Flyers win in OT.


A.O. and Leadership had a little run-in.


A.O. has 9 points already.

picture 7

If you get anything out of this post, watch this:

If she is so pro-gay, why did she try to turn Charlie?

picture 7
"How sweet would dinner be with those 3, until Mario took the other two with him at the end of the night?"
-Corey C.


Petr Sykora's first goal (as a Wild?)



Scuds got jacked up by a puck.
Was this already discussed in C-Blog?

go pens