Morning Glory


From a Pens fan perspective, last night was nothing.
But if you just love the game, last night had two of the better highlights.
First up.
A.O. makes a move so sick, Gary Bettman  had to release a patch to eliminate it.
This second highlight hurts, because we could imagine how pumped we'd be if this happened for the Pens.
Hossa drops the gloves. PD
To be fair to the guy from Nashville, he probably didn't expect it. You know, being that Hossa usually stabs people in the back.
After the jump, looks like a journalist in Pittsburgh is trying to become the new Bob Smizik.
Meet John Harris, columnist for the Tribune Review.
Harris usually writes about important stuff like the Steelers.
And we are okay with that.
But today he threw his hat in the Penguins ring.TRIB
And results are barfjob.
A little tidbit from his opening:

If Dan Rooney were a typical team owner, Bill Cowher wouldn't have won Super Bowl XL, much less coached in it.Good thing Cowher coached the Steelers and not the Penguins


Yea, John, good thing he didn't coach the Penguins.

By the time he is done you actually wonder if it is better to just kill yourself.
Where is Joe Starkey at? How does Rob Rossi not walk into work today and say "John, you know what, maybe you shouldn't do that anymore."
Smizik FTW.
:: IHCDB is all business. PENS
:: Some guy is named WB head coach. JB
Old school Fedko Prank from Joe. C.
Nothing puts hop in our step quite like watching Fedko squirm.
thanks to Brian for the laugh.
Speaking of laughs the Find Michel Therrien Photoshop Expo is off to an unreal start.
Not to diminish any previous photoshop expos, but we have been laughing all morning.
Our current favorite.
Remember deadline is Sunday night.
Major trade announcement coming in Gameday later :)
Go Pens.