More On Charlie’s Field Trip To Plum

We posted the video in our gameday last night, but got an email from the creator of the "I got a feeling," lipdub.

My name is Rick Berrott, and I teach Television Production at Plum High School.  I was planning to send you this email at the end of the week along with the link of our first ever lipdub video we created at Plum, but it seems to have already found itself onto your website.  During the summer of woo, you guys posted a picture of my wife and I in Montego Bay at a Sandals resort his summer, which was cool because we are big fans of your website along with a bunch of my students at Plum.  Anyhow, last month we came across "I gotta feelin" lipdub video done by 172 students at the University of Montreal.  A lipdub is a one camera shoot, one shot, no editing in the video.  I asked my students if they would like to try this, because the one in Montreal had over 5 million views and I thought we could do just as well.  To make a long story short, we kept on coming back to the "I Gotta Feelin" song by the Black Eyed Peas, but I had the idea of everyone in the video wearing Penguin gear.  Sure enough, on Holy Thursday or as we say at Plum, April Fool's Day, over 100 students came up to the high school to film.  What the students didn't know was we had to put Charlie in the song, and of course, it fits with all the "do it" parts, and the Free Candy signs in the second half of the song as a girl swung and hit a pinata wearing a Brooks Orpik jersey.  After planning out and mapping out the building, we were ready to film.  Obviously, you can see the results of our video on youtube.  Hope you guys enjoy it, and we appreciate it being on the website.  We would like to see how many views it can receive.  Any publicity you can give the students at Plum is appreciated.

Solid human.
Here is the video again heavily featuring PC.
go pens