Michalek Injured, “Out For Justice,” MAF and More


Before game six of the final last year:
Friday night.
Do It.
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This year, the Penguins playoff t-shirts say "Out For Justice" on this back.

"When it was unveiled on Wednesday, there was nothing, but puzzled looks at the Mellon Arena. The most the team's public-relations staff knew was that it had come from veteran Bill Guerin.

Other than that, no one could figure out what terrible injustice the Penguins were trying to right.

They won the Stanley Cup last year, they've received oodles of respect across the league and they even escaped the heavy hand of NHL justice when forward Matt Cooke ended the season of Boston's Marc Savard with a savage hit to the head.

Guerin acknowledged he came up with the slogan, but reveal wouldn't the story behind it."

We're going to solve this mystery the only way we know how.
With Photoshops.
JSchiff sent us this:
Send us your own Photoshops of what "Out For Justice" means to you.
For all Photoshops, please put "Photoshop" somewhere in the subject of your email and write your name on the image if you want credit.
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Milan Michalek tore his ACL last night and will be out for the rest of the season.
This is a big blow to the Senators.
They're already missing Alex Kovalev, Filip Kuba, Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza.
Wait… we're being told that Alfredsson and Spezza actually played last night.
We must have missed them.
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Over the past season, Marc-Andre Fleury has allowed 4 or more goals in 16 games.
In the games immediately following those 4+ goal games he's allowed an average of 2.125 goals.
Our math may be completely wrong here.
The point is, he rarely has two bad nights in a row.
Brent Johnson is a valuable member of this team.
We're glad that he is signed for the next two years.
He's a talented player.
But unless something happens to Marc-Andre Fleury's health before Friday night, Johnson will be on back-up duty.
The fact that we're hearing people say that MAF should sit the next game is ridiculous.
Our point still stands.
The Ottawa Senators executed their gameplan almost perfectly last night.
They did everything they needed to do.
The Penguins (including Fleury) did not have their finest showing.
The Senators won by one goal.
All that was determined last night was that the Penguins won't be going 16-0 this playoffs.
It's a little-known fact, but the Stanley Cup is rarely handed out after the first game of round one.
It's the playoffs.
There are highs and lows.
Now it's on to game two.
Think about it, if things go incredibly badly and the Pens are somehow swept in four games, tomorrow night could be the last game in Igloo history.
Or it could be the start of another series victory for the Pens.
It's the playoffs.
You never know what will happen.
Pittsburgh, San Jose and New Jersey were all ranked higher than their opponents last night.
They all lost.
The Detroit Red Wings lost to the Phoenix Coyotes.
This unpredictability is why we love the playoffs.
Go Pens.