meow. PENS WIN.
What did the Pens do wrong in this game?  Not too much.
Except Sykora was obviously drunk.
If you're getting scoring chances while minimizing
the decent chances the other team gets, you played a good game.
The Pens didn't make any glaring errors in this one.
And they haven't done so in a while.
The Pens have won 5 in a row.  7 of 8.
This is happening exactly when the Pens needed this to happen.
You can call it peaking at the right time if you want to.
Sunday's game in Washington is the game for many reasons.  Bring it.


All this talk about the Pens getting some forwards at the trade deadline, but the Panthers didn't care.
MAF was forced to be sharp as balls early on. He made a couple key saves.
Stay with him until he passes out.
The Pens finally shifted the play to Florida's zone, and the Panthers ended up peeing on Tyler Kennedy.
New-look power play takes to the ice.

The Panthers hit a post. Jordan Staal got stoned on a slapper.
Then Pascal Dupuis took a penalty.
Pens killed all they could and MAF had to make a big-time stop on Tim Horton.
Highlight of the period may have been the Florida game-presentation team playing the FAIL jingle from Price Is Right when Dupuis went to the box.

What happened in the first half of the second period?
We dare you to use more than 40 words to summarize it.

Out of nowhere, Stillman cheap-shots Letang. Power play city.
A great two minutes of hockey resulted.
Panthers got a shortie breakaway. Stoned.
Pens raced back. For the fourth time of the game, Sykora fans on his shot.
He's always been streaky with the Pens. Whatev.

That Stillman shit woke everyone up.
Florida ended up scoring some garbage to make it 1-0.

For those of you who were wondering, they don't throw rats onto the ice anymore.
We've heard rumors they'll throw copies of Matlock: Season One DVDs.

But they didn't even have time to get them out.
Guerin head-mans Crosby, who turns Bouwmeester into a woman. 1-1.
Props to the people in the FSN truck for getting the carbon-copy replay of the goal Crosby scored back in November.

Staying with FSN, look at this video PSAMP scrounged up:

Potash sits down with Bill Guerin between the periods.
He drops an Eddie Money reference. Gold.

DAN R. looked at Roberts stats in 2006-07 before he came to Pittsburgh.
And then he looked at Guerin's stats this year:

Gary Roberts in 50 games with FLA 2006-07:
GPG: 0.26
APG: 0.32
PPG: 0.58
TOI: 17:05

Bill Guerin in 61 games with NYI 2008-09:

GPG: 0.26
APG: 0.33
PPG: 0.59
TOI: 17:12
The first five minutes of the third period changed lives.
Tyler Kennedy got shit rolling by owning Vokoun. 2-1. What a pass.
Kris Letang tells Stillman to suck it. 3-1. What a shot.
The Panthers were stunned. It took them a couple minutes, but they finally woke up.
But MAF was bank.
The game was jobbing along until Sykora went to the box with about 8:00 left.
If Florida was gonna start the mini-comeback, it would happen here.
Rob Scuderi had a big clear.
Orpik goes down, then goes to the locker room all business.
Eaton sealed the deal. Huge kill.
The Panthers were down.  They were gonna start taking some chances.
The Pens catch four Panthers deep, and Malkin and Kennedy go back the other way.
D-man leaves the passing lane to TK wide open. Goal.  4-1. Game.
–sarah t.–
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