Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day.

Thanks to NHL scheduling, there isn't much going on today.

Reportedly, the Avalanche really want Patrick Roy back in their organization.

Evgeni Malkin is at the top of NHL.com's "Hot List."

If both series are over by Wednesday night, the NHL may move the starting date for the Finals up to May 30th.
They still insist on playing games one and two on back-to-back nights however.

Marian Hossa doesn't want to publicly speculate about facing the Penguins in the Finals until both teams actually qualify.

"I'm focused on this," Hossa said, motioning to his teammates Saturday after practice. "This is why I picked Detroit, to go all the way to the final. We're more than halfway there, but we've still got work to do."


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Could he at least imagine what it would be like if the Red Wings and Penguins met again?

"That would definitely be really interesting," he said, allowing a small smile. "It's still in the future, but it could happen."

Some more random Contestblog entries:

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The front page of the Pittsburgh Press sports page the day after the first Cup win:


And now, on an almost completely unrelated note, here's a 1989 report on Mario Lemieux from the CBC Archives.

"I'm trying to put into people's minds that I can be one of the best that ever played the game," 23-year-old Mario Lemieux modestly asserts. It's January 1989 and the young star is on his way to earning a lofty moniker: Mario the Magnificent. Lemieux is in the midst of the best season ever seen by anyone not named Gretzky. By season's end, he would tally 199 points with 85 goals and 114 assists.

Go Pens.