Mario Lemieux Wants To Buy The Pirates [UPDATED]

Insane news from Dejan Kovacevic of the PG, that will certainly be the talk of everything.
Mario and co-owner Ron Burkle have actually made an offer to buy the Pirates. PG

According to sources on the Penguins side, the meeting happened four months ago at the Penguins' front-office headquarters in Chatham Center, Uptown. Mr. Lemieux, Mr. Burkle and Mr. Nutting were present, and the intent of the meeting was for the Penguins owners to offer to buy the Pirates. Mr. Burkle made a financial offer.

According to the Pirates, the purpose of the meeting was about another matter, and no serious discussion about an offer or sale took place.

The reasons Mr. Lemieux and Mr. Burkle would want to buy the Pirates will not be clear until they speak to that, though that is not expected soon, if at all.

One possibility, according to a source, is that a joint ownership of the Penguins and Pirates could create a business "synergy" that would allow one to pick up the other in tough times, and vice versa. It would help, the source added, that the NHL and MLB seasons have little overlap and that the teams currently.


EMPTY NETTERS has some stuff as well.

Now, the Pirates said they aren't for sale, but you have to believe pressure will mount. If this would somehow get done, this might be the only way to save the Pirates in this town before the Penguins and Steelers completely make them irrelevant forever.
All we are saying is this. If 66 owns the Bucs, we're going to at least 20-30 games. We'd support Mario if he bought a team in Afghanistan. And we know tons of others that would do the same.
This would be nothing but good for Pittsburgh. Could you imagine turning PNC park into a frenzy like the Mellon during the playoffs?
So of course the Pirates would reject it.
Go Pens
Pirates bloggers are whatev about it. [WHYGAVS]
We'll be interested to get MONDESI'S HOUSE take, along with RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER.
We know PSAMP will be as jacked for it as we are.
Ray Shero, gm? Just sayin
As expected, MONDESI'S HOUSE agrees with us.
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