March of the PENGUINS LOSE.

Brooks Orpik's statements after the game when asked if the Pens should have won:

"Do I think so? Yeah," he said. "We're up by a goal in the third period. We get a power play and have a chance to make it 3-1, and instead we give them a short-handed goal. So all due respect to them, a team that's as experienced and as good as we are, we shouldn't be losing games that way."

"Maybe I'm in the minority here, I'm getting tired of hearing that we played hard and we should have deserved better," Orpik said. "We're not winning hockey games, and that's what it comes down to. I don't know. I don't feel very good leaving the rink when you lose, no matter how you played….

"I'm getting very concerned. Everyone wants to talk about the playoffs. We've still got eight games to go here, and we're not exactly playing too well. The way we're playing now, we'll be out in the first round. It's getting pretty frustrating, yeah."

When asked about not beating the Caps yet this year:
"Look at last year; I think they beat us 3-1 last year, too," he said. "That didn't add up [in the postseason]. So I don't think it matters, but I think obviously, no matter who you're playing, you've got to take care of what you're doing a little better right now. We're not. We're finding ways to lose."

If you go back and look at all the games the Penguins and Caps have played this season, you'll find that almost all were the same.
In the first matchup, the game was tied going into the third.
The second game, the Pens had a 4-2 lead.
And last night, another tied score going into the third.
But the biggest and most glaring repeat occurence in this year's Pens/Caps series is Mike Knuble.
In 3 games, he has 3 goals. Count the shootout goal he scored, and that is 2 game-winners, as well.
That is the definition of a Penguin Killer.
But the Pens played a strong game.
Take out three minutes in the third period, and you have a 2-1 win.
But that really doesn't even make sense.
As Pens fans, we're not used to seeing this type of loss in March.
In fact, the Pens are in minor collaspe mode, losing 6 of their last 8.
But you can still take positives out of this game.
Jordan Staal's goal to preserve a point was huge and seemed unlikely at the time it occured.
And the Pens did play a hell of a game, against the league's best team, without two of their most important parts in Sarge Gonchar and Geno Malkin.
You want to talk about MVP statistics:
Penguins record in their last eight games without Geno: 1-7
What is even more stunning is that the Pens are now 0-9 against the Devils and Caps.
And yet they are still number two in the East.
All told, it is definitely bizarre times in the Land of the World Champs.
Pens clinch playoff berth with Atlanta regulation loss against Toronto tonight.
amanda a.

Pens were absolutely all over the Caps for the entire first period.
So much for Boudreau not wanting his team to coast into the playoffs.
The early pressure brought on a delay-of-game penalty on Tom Poti. Poti sucks.
Caps kill it.
Zero prime scoring chances for either time for a bulk of the first.
Kennedy flying around hitting everything.
Then Orpik joined the party, almost decapitating Jim Morrison then welcoming Semin to the show.
Pens get another PP when Feds gets tripped. Killed again. That PP was awful.
Staal douches Semin at the end of the period.
Early in the second, the Caps started showing up.
They get a bounce. And Fleury had no clue where it was.
Mike Knuble was in Fleury's larynx and bangs it home.

By the time the PA announcer spewed out the goal particulars, it was 1-1.
Max Talbot led a 1-on-3 rush into the zone, gets homoed.
Puck gets worked back to Orpik, who one-times it.

Talbot gets his stick on it. Huge goal for Talbot.
Letang went to the box for something.
Penalty kill is unbelievable right now.
Semin gets the stick up into Mike Rupp and draws blood.
But it's only 2 minutes for some reason.
Caps kill that one, too.
All the while diving left and right, trying to buy calls.
Hard to find a whinier fanbase than Caps fans…in between the cowbells.
Cowbells. Really?
The Caps couldn't keep up with the Pens and had to take another penalty, this time tripping Letang.
The PP looked like it was going mud again.
But then the Pens come into the zone helter-skelter.
Poni finds Sid coming down the slot.
Sid gets hooked up, loses it, finds it again, and hits Guerin with a perfect backhand pass.

Guerin = 19 goals.
More than we expected for that tough son of a bitch.
We've seen this third period too many times this season.
Things started out well enough, with MAF sharp and the Pens all over Threeormore.
About five minutes in, Pens were taking it the Caps.
Bing turned some moron into a lamp post, and some dude tackled him.
Is there a better coach to wait for the camera to turn to than Bruce Brodeau after a penalty?
There's probably a better way to structure that sentence for readability. Don't care.
Nothing like it in sports. He seems so shocked, so utterly confused.
It was the most blatant penalty in the last 25 games.

The powerplay was mud.
Go-Go and Letang looked tentative, and they struggled to get it into the zone.
Finally things were set up.
And then…
A vintage Chernobyl meltdown.
Bing tried to make the Whitney Play ™ pass. But he forgot it's not 2007 anymore.
Semin, out on the penalty kill for some unknown reason, picks it off.
He casualy strolls into the Pens zone. Cuts in on GO-GO. Tied. 2-2.
It was a backbreaking goal.
After that goal, it was only a matter of time.
Eric Belanger skates way too fast all around.
Green from downtown. Der Fehr gets a piece of it.
3-2. Just like that.

Visual confirmation that AO played in the third period.

No idea what just happened. Jesus.
The only saving grace that kept belief alive was Jose Threeormore was in net for the Caps.
But after a huge save on Staal, it was over. No way the Pens were coming back.
But Staal would not be denied.
Finally playing with Bing, Staal got some space and picked Threeormore's nose top shelf.
Disgusting shot.

The last two minutes were edge of your seat playoff type of shit.
Just great hockey.
FSN had some poll about who you fear most in the Eastern Conference.
The first choice was A.O. Don't even remember who the other options were.
If you weren't looking for number 8 in OT, your whole life is a mistake.
Conversely, every time 87 in white got the puck, you felt alive.
What a sport.
MAF had to make a few big saves, as did Threeormore.
Back and forth, each team flying.
We were never for or against the shootout, but after a game like this, a shootout was an injustice.
First up for the Pens in the shootout was Letang.
Sick move. Goal.
Backstrom for the Caps.
No dice.
Bing for the Pens.
Threeormore is still looking for his sac.

Nasty move.
All MAF has to do is turn out the light.
A.O. says not so fast. Goal.
Guerin for the win. No.
Semin jerks it all over. Goal.

Kunitz is next for the Pens. Nope.
And for the Caps…
When the camera panned to Knuble waiting to grab the puck, it was time to turn out the lights.

Didn't even have to watch it.