Malone’s A Joke. PENS WIN.

There is a lot of things that make you feel better.
Sex, sunlight, and getting a raise, to name a few.
But a four-game winning streak?  Yeah, that'll do, too.
No clue what's going to happen in the next 24 hours.
But Disco Dan and his band are playing some good hockey.
The Capitals blow and they got smoked, and the Panthers beat the Thrashers.
However, with the win, the Pens have moved into seventh place.
17 games left.  35 points assure a playoff spot.  Not possible.
We're assuming every team will go undefeated from here on out.  Not likely.
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Scott A.


picture 20

The Pens got the early power play.  They set up shop as you realize Dave Strader is a money play-by-play guy.  Malkin didn't even look like he was in the state of Florida on that early man advantage.

Satan can apparently try to score from the waiver wire.  No clue what's going on.
Stamkos makes two unreal plays to keep it out.  The Pens needed that goal to get them out of their early funk.

Malkin got the puck a little later and passed it into an obvious giveaway situation, but Sykora somehow gets ahold of it.  Malkin was drunk.

MAF, wake up!  Whew.
Got him up just in time to make a save.

After Sonni Abata interviews Disco, the Pens continued their dominance of the play on the ice.  Staal's line gets in the zone and charges to the net.  Kunitz gets a couple whacks.  1-0.  Did the Tampa P.A. dude blow the goal horn?  Jesus.


Leclavlajoke sets up some guy for a goal.  1-1.
If you're a girl and want Vincent Lecavalier to leave you alone, just go into Tampa Bay's defensive zone. Cherry picker.
Whatev, it still felt empty.

Tampa Bay takes a bench penalty.

Kunitz scores again. mearrrrhgghghghhhh.

emo kid stunned.
asian doesn't care.


That is about all for the first.
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The Lightning were poised with a man advantage or two in the second to tie it back up.  No dice.  Big-time post was hit.
Gods and Koci drop the gloves.
The second period was flying.
With about 8 minutes left, Cooke-Talbot-Dupuis go to work.
What a line.  HUGE goal.  3-1.

If you missed the rest of the second, you didn't miss much.
Malone made some joke move on Orpik, whatev.
MAF had to play solid the rest of the second, USS Hal Gill was everyone.
picture 24
During the Red Wings/ Blues game Tuesday night,
Marian Hossa got hit and went neck first into the boards.
He was moving but was taken out on a stretcher.



Thanks to SK.
Any reason why Hossa's fingers look like E.T.'s?
And, no, Detroit fans.  We aren't gloating over this.
Get over yourselves.
picture 22
The third period was about MAF.
Somewhere around the 11-minute mark, you already had the game in the win column.
The Lightning almost took advantage of the situation, but MAF was there.
He closed the door, and the Pens just ran the clock out.
The trade deadline is hanging over all our heads.
So let's just get down to it already.
Seen Stamkos misses a wide open net.  Pens do a flying V.
Stunned  Game.  Big Ben.
[Eddy Spaghetti]
Hahahaha.  Taking that picture right in their face.
Go worry about a hurricane, jokes.
  • Oh boy.
  • After the game, while Hannah Storm was talking to Kunitz, the Pens locker room was listening to "Beat It."
  • Fastest recap ever.
  • Malone is mud.
  • Tradedeadlin-eblog starts at midnight.
  • wooooooobs