Malkin Could Face Suspension


Evgeni Malkin had a disciplinary meeting by phone with the NHL today.
The meeting stems from a hit at the conclusion of last night's game:


If the league were to suspend Malkin the suspension would be announced prior to tomorrow's game against the Flyers.

The NHL has been trying to take a stand against head shots.

Hits to the head were the main topic of conversation at the recent General Managers' Meetings.  At those meetings NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly said that "better than three-quarters of the players say that we need to have a new rule on hits to the head."

General managers and the League itself have stated that the current policy on head shots is working.  Several players have been suspended for hits to the head this year, including Jarko Ruutu and Brendan Witt.

The Malkin hit has been a big discussion point around the Internet:


Is it a suspension-worthy hit?

For comparison, here are the Ruutu and Witt hits that led to suspensions: