MAF/MAX video

Breaking news from one of our dads.
He called to say he was watching the morning news.
He said the news said Staal is playing tonight, wearing a special boot.
We repeat: The source of this Staal update is from one of our dads
who was probably eating Cocoa Puffs, brewing coffee, and putting the dog out when the news was on.
Update: Called him back and made sure he was certain about it.
Didn't seem so sure the second time he recounted the events of this morning.
But we aren't redacting shit.
If you watched the morning news in Pittsburgh, shut this rumor down as fast as possible.
We need people who watched WPXI, KDKA, and WTAE morning news to post in the comments.
Thanks, from all Pens fans.
Ann P. e-mailed this in.
It was posted on YouTube on April 17, 2010.
We might have already posted this before.
who knows.
The Hamburglar wants his shirt back.
(from someone in the YouTube video comments):
MAN: Hey Guy, the penguins. The penguins? where is the penguins(animals) Are you crazy!.
The hockey players, Yes, this is Marc-André Fleury and Maxime Talbot. Hi guys!
Max: Hi. Boys:
MAN: We are Québec.
Max: look at this, we too.
Boys : We arrive, we don't disturb you too much.
Max: No, just a little bit.
Boys: In term of hockey player, very, very proud of you. Are you disturb to sign my team Canada shirt, I hang up in my Brasserie, I have a little Brasserie in Montreal.
Flower: No problem, it's a pleasure.
Max: I sign this, on the belly, this a very beautiful belly.
Boys: Thanks this is nice. Here he go. Thanks. And a photo make you pleasure
Max: Depending, a photo of who.
Boys: It's very good, evil ill, Take a picture. Cling, cling Marc-André.
Marc-André do you lend your Stanley Cup ring, I would like a picture with ring.
Flower: No Boys:
Man: Ok, I understand, I take a picture with your hand for replace, lets go Marcel.  she is sick
Boys: Guy, it's very cool. During you are here, we want profit to asking a little service, my friends and I, this is possible, the ticket for the final men hockey game, we understanding you are very plug in team Canada, look it this, you take a part on this, and no trouble, enjoy yourself little guy.
Flower: I don't think is possible to help you with this
Boys: Tell me he silly me
Max: Absolutely not.
Boys: Lets go Marc-André.
Max: We would like to help you but,
Boys: but what, but what. You know when he signs a contract of 3 millions, he looks me a little 5 cents near to the sidewalk, let me you tell your attitude is cruel, is cruel, this very cruel, I change for the Curling or Mini-put Talbot. Sorry, I'm so sorry for him.
Flower: No problem. Boys:
He is Hypo''glycerin''(Hypoglycemic).

Flower: We give this. Boys: Thanks and check it out guys.
Max: Crazy gang
Oh. Now we understand.