Low-Flying Scud Missile


PensBurgh did all Pens fan a great honor
by making an all-decade Pens team.
No clue how Morozov makes the cut.
Although you pretty much have to put him there.
Unless you have a hard-on for Brian Holzinger.

There's some crap after the jump.
Rain blows.
Charlie has given all three of us Swine Flu.
We've been semi out of it.
This hit happened like two months ago.

This hit is what happens when you wear that Cup ring the Pens got.
Scuderi is used to wearing the ring.
He takes it off and feels he has to compensate for his body now being off-balance.
And this is just an instance where he overcompensated.
We all watched Scuderi the past handful of seasons.
Scuderi isn't in our rolodex under "D" for "Dirty."
He's under "P."
Speaking of stay-at-home defensemen, an interesting thing has popped up.
Sean R. has started this Facebook Group:
Time to take this a step further.
Anyone else have visions of a "McKee Block Party" sign hanging off the F Balcony at Mellon?

Crosby will be doing his leg of the Olympic Torch relay next month.  LINK
We haven't seen his response to being given the honor, but it probably goes something like this:
"It's a great honor to be running with the Olympic Torch.
I'll be running through all kinds of small towns and stuff.
It's time to show the world what Canada has to offer. bleh blagh blargh."
Go Pens.
You almost forget you despise Canadiens fans until you wake up and see Montreal coming to town.
Get stunned pics.