Looking Around

The Pens have posted a couple new "Defy Ordinary" videos on their website.



"It's a Great Day for Hockey" they are not, but they're still interesting.


picture 7 is offering 50% off of jersey customization today.

While we were browsing the site, we came across this…. thing.



picture 7

The Hockey News has a bunch of Penguins articles up today.

"The Pens room was abuzz. Players were smiling and joking, it was loud; the mood was jovial. And not ‘we just won a game’ jovial, but ‘we’re awesome, we know it and we’ve got nothing to prove’ jovial.

The injured, but always entertaining Max Talbot joined the Fleury scrum. Talbot told the goalie to answer questions in French that he would then translate. Everyone knew this wasn‘t going to be a typical question and answer period. Fleury, much shier than Talbot, agreed in an almost ‘aw shucks’ manner and began answering. Talbot then ‘translated,’ offering typical hockey-speak answers. But by question three he was bored and offered something it was obvious Fleury hadn’t said. That was all the netminder could take. He immediately made sure it was known he didn’t say what Talbot said, everyone broke up in laughter and Talbot went on his merry way, shaking hands and telling stories."

picture 7

Icethetics notes that the Hershey Bears, the Capitals' AHL affiliate, wore these jerseys for their home opener:


Nothing like being subtle with your 10 Calder Cup Championships.
Somewhere Chris Bourque is probably quite happy he never had to wear that.

What's even stranger is that Hershey is actually taking Washington's lead on this one.
The Caps have been honoring the organization's Stanley Cup Championships on their uniforms for years.  No one has noticed.

Speaking of the Caps, Matt Leighton of The Hockey Writers listed the Top Three Problems with the Washington Capitals.
Surprisingly, a complete lack of any sort of defensive responsibility did not make the list.

picture 7


The Leafs are already panicking and changing their lineup.

Dany Heatley, Jonathan Quick and Henrik Sedin were named the Three Stars of the Week.

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For some reason, people are saying that Georges Laraque's newest commercial is sexist.


We can't possibly understand why.

It all seems pretty realistic, except for the part where Laraque dekes around someone.  But that's not sexist, it's just inaccurate.