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Living Game 7 Vicariously Through Others [Reprise]



Does this stuff ever get old?

The following clip is from the Howard Stern shows sports guy Scott Ferrall. He is a huge Pens fan.

He recorded himself watching Game Seven's final seconds.

NSFW but if you're here, you already knew that.
[If someone from Detroit reads NSFW – which means "not safe for work" – what do they do?]




Totally forgot to post this video and email last year:
More chances to relive the moment through others after the jump.


In the Crowd:




Some random people and their dog:

How all of our animals survived the cup run is unreal. We got bit like 12 times by our dogs.

More random people:

Some graduation party:

Check out that fat homo on the right. His make-believe girlfriend must have blown some guy before the game.


If anyone finds anymore, send them through.


Charlie would be mad if this one didn't get some love.

The Gay Bus: