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Livin’ After Midnight. PENS WIN.

The Pens have now started the season 7-0 on the road. Thursday night, they’ll have a chance to set a new NHL record for most consecutive road wins to start a season. That’s some good shit.
A quick look at the NHL scoring leaders, and you won’t see Crosby’s name at the top. That’s easily the best thing that Pens fans could see. The Pens are winning games because Mike Rupp, Pascal Dupuis, and Chris Kunitz are scoring goals.
As if we had to mention Alex Goligoski’s name in that group of scorers. He is slowly supplanting Washington’s Mike Green as the premier up-and-coming offensive defenseman. Look at those words closer: OFFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN.
Defenseman: Alex Goligoski leads all NHL d-men in plus-minus with +13.
Mike Green isn’t even on the first page in the plus-minus stats.
Many feared that when the calendar flipped to November and thus Gogo would be able to shave his moustache, that he would be getting rid of his good-luck charm. No. His good-luck charm is skill and probably a huge sac.
Many Pens fans were wondering what the hell Shero was doing when he threw a good chunk of change for a handful of years to a player that had barely seen time in the NHL. Shero saw in Gogo what many Pens fans are seeing now: Gogo as an eventual replacement for Gonchar.
But we’re done getting ahead of ourselves.
The performance of the PP without Gonch and Geno aren’t too sharp.
And guaranteed a journalist complains about it somewhere.
Kyle M.
Jason W.
Matt V.
Brian Y.
We aren’t giving ourselves a BJ,
but it’s so sick that so many pics can come from California like this.
Game starts off with the atomsphere of a National Honor Society induction ceremony.
Out of nowhere, Corey Perry scores. 1-0.
Chris Bourque looked good coming out.
You knew that wasn’t gonna last.
Then came those Pens power plays.
Four of them. All gone to the wayside.
Crosby tries some saucer pass on the powerplay.
Malkin would have laughed if he was even watching the game at home.
Ducks run MAF again.
By the time the third powerplay rolled around, it was mud.
A CROSBY SUCKS chant starts, but a full chant requires the stands to be full.
Strange period.
Tyler Kennedy brings so much to the table.
After a tough shift, he creates a chance.
Al misses, but Rupp breaks Hiller’s life.
Pens were shorthanded after scoring. No clue why.
Good to see Ryan Whitney screwing someone else’s powerplay up. Good times.
Mike Rupp dominates, but Chris Bourque messes it up.
Ducks wake up for a little bit, and Bobby Ryan has an open net.
Staal gets his stick on it. Circle that one.
Letang gets destroyed behind the net, getting douched in the mouth. Nothing.
One thing to hate about the NHL: a team gets four powerplay chances in the first period, deserving of all of them. Then the refs don’t call anything else because it would seem they are playing favorites. Maddening for all hockey fans.
Face it: Pascal Dupuis is making shit happen right now. Simple as that.
Staal-Dupes-Feds. Solid line.
Kennedy makes another simple play. Draws a penalty. MAF heads to the bench.
Extra attacker until the Ducks touch it.
Only thing the puck touches is the back of the net.
Letang city. 2-1.
Kennedy made the play again.
Frantic play leads to a Ducks powerplay. Killed
Why is Chris Bourque behind the net?  2-2.
The game then starts getting that insane feel that only good hockey games get.
Getzlaf takes over. Ducks took over the end of period. Pens escape.
No Mike Yeo between periods. Bylsma steps in.
Gods-Bourque-Rupp line — two men, a pizza shop, and Chris Bourque.
Mike Rupp is a maniac.
How good has Martin Skoula been?
He is solid. If you don’t think so, you don’t know hockey. suck it
Cooke-Staal-Kennedy working their balls off. Call Me Al unleashes a nasty shot.
Ducks come right back.
Saku Koivu with a cheap-ass hit on Orpik.
You hear that Fleury is to blame.
But Koivu is a no-talent hack.
Pens storm back.  Anahiem shits the bed in the defensive zone.
Dupes from way downtown.
The only words we could use to describe Jonas Hiller’s goaltending style is puzzling.
Jokevu gets a penalty for jobbing Candy.
Crosby picks an interesting time to make the two worst passes of his career. Powerplay over.
Getzlaf-Ryan-Perry is a terrifying line, especially with Chris Bourque on the ice.
MAF with the save of a lifetime on Jokevu.
Another dirty play by Koivu that let him get free. What an ass.
Sesame Street Line comes back out.
Best third line in hockey right now. TK almost scores.
The ending of this game was sex.
But four minutes of hell for the Pens.
Where were all the frantic OOHs and AHHs from the Anaheim crowd?
Was anyone even standing during that final 4 minutes of the game? Man.
Getzlaf and company just took over. Best line we’ve seen against the Pens this year.
The Pens weren’t doing anything wrong.
It was just good hockey players going nuts.
Ducks had it in the zone for 12 minutes. Countless chances.
Open net for the Ducks…
Crosby says no.
That’s why Sidney Crosby doesn’t suck.
That’s as good as scoring a goal.
Perry jobs Orpik at the end. GAME.
  • Pens 3 for 29 without Gonch on the powerplay
  • 0 for 14 without Malkin.
  • Kennedy +3
  • Anyone else think Brent Johnson made everyone listen to “Going To California” on the plane ride?
  • A lot of photoshops and shit don’t get posted for whatever reason.  We don’t hate anyone or anything.  Be sure to check the Picasa Web Albums.


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