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Like Clockwork

Every season, the Philadelphia Flyers start showing up in headlines so frequently that it's impossible to ignore them anymore. Not even 10 games into the season, their players have already had to face two instances where a possible suspension or fine was going to be handed out, one of which resulted from Scott Hartnell actually biting Kris Letang.
And now Mike Richards has decided to go on a personal crusade
against the media in Philadelphia — because he is a leader.
Recently, Mike Richards has been all over the news. First, Richards has decided that the media is his enemy. Per Puck Daddy, Richards' vaj hurts because the media is speculating that his BFF, Joffrey Lupul, was traded this offseason to try to disband a "frat pack" that exists among Flyers players, a pack which includes Lupul, Richards, Jeff Carter, and even Scott Hartnell.
That PD article recounts what we remember all too well from last year's 4-2 series win against Flyers; something that we didn't touch on because the Pens were too busy advancing to the second round of the playoffs. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren wondered if some Flyers players were taking a professional approach to their respective careers;
"I think this all falls under the umbrella of discipline. It's on-ice discipline – not overstaying-your-shift discipline – it's off-ice discipline, it's night before a game taking better care of ourselves. That's a natural maturation process that a lot of our younger players are still going through. We've addressed that. So am I concerned about it? We'll see how it goes this year. All our players have been talked to about it. Is it an issue? The fact that we've talked about it, I guess it is an issue."
Joffrey Lupul was asked about this when he returned as a member of the Ducks early in the season.
Side-stepping the question, Lupul simply stated something along the lines of "I was traded for Pronger."
As far as we can tell, no one can discern when Richards' "freezing out" of the media officially began, but the situation's epicenter lands solely on the line of nightlife questioning that Richards isn't man enough to answer. As Broad Street Bull posted, this was how Richards' interaction with the media went after a recent shootout win against the Boston Bruins:
"In the grand scheme of things, Mike Richards refusing to answer reporters' questions means little. But, as the team's captain, he is the face of the Flyers and a direct conduit to the fans. The Flyers won a shoot-out Thursday and defeated Boston, 4-3. That made the Flyers just 13-25 in shootout history. But maybe, just maybe, it will turn the tide because it appears coach John Stevens has found a new weapon."
The writer alludes to Giroux scoring some big goal in the shootout, and then…

"Asked if he thought Giroux's goal was a momentum-builder and if the shoot-out problems were history, Richards said, 'It's big.' Asked about the many contributions of the fourth line Thursday, Richards smiled and said, 'Also big.' When Comcast's Tim Panaccio started to ask a long question, Richards interrupted: 'Why bother?' he said."
Really? After a loss, pent-up frustrations could come to the surface. No big deal. It's something every journalist is probably prepared for.
But after a win? That's pretty sad, even for proven crybaby Mike Richards, the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.
Here's where we would usually defend allegations from Flyers fans that Sidney Crosby is a whiner, a diver, etc.  It's not even necessary anymore. That's what a Stanley Cup ring does. Flyers fans are getting all too accustomed to seeing the Crosby-led Penguins dismiss their team in the playoffs. They have nothing else to do but accuse Crosby of erroneous things that are supposed to hurt our feelings or something. The best one they're recently coming up with is "Malkin is better, imo," like it affects us. Sad.
On Saturday night, in pure childish fashion, Mike Richards decided to take his media frustrations out on another player.
That player is John Wilkes Booth:
Nothing better than listening to Flyers fans taking time from making out to upload YouTubes.
The saddest part is Mike Richards is no stranger to the cheap shot:

The legality of the hit can be debated back and forth, but Richards has not and will not be suspended or fined for it. And as per the usual, Flyers fans are celebrating the hit (read the comments) more than the much-neeeded win they got over a Panthers team who depleted all their energy the night before against the Pens. You're welcome, Philadelphia.


Dan L. sent this YouTube along. Check out the 12-second mark.


We'd usually go after The 700 Level for something, but, being an all-Philly blog, they have a pending Phillies loss to the Yankees in the World Series to worry about.

But the writer of Flyers blog Broad Street Hockey is possibly one of the most bizarre human beings ever given a forum.
Here's a screenshot from a mature Twitter battle with him on Sunday:

For those of you who can't read the heiryoglyphs of a Twitter message, Broad Street initially said something about us being Rush Limbaugh. We RT'd it (ReTweeted) and responded to it, so that people following what we say can see what and who we're responding to. So there are three different messages being spoken in this one tweet. Fascinating. Basically, ignore the "RT" and just read what each person says after their respective name.


Go Pens.