Letang Beats A BJ. PENS WIN.

Are we gonna hold a ticker-tape parade because the Pens win two straight, let alone two straight at home?
Yes, we will. But then all the green people will complain we're wasting paper.
A lot of Pens stepped up in this game and put forth noticably decent efforts.
Letang, Staal, Whitney, Eaton, just to name a few.
Dupuis and his 5 o'clock shadow was a presence as well.
In a playoff race, every game matters.
But we'll just sniff this game and move on to what awaits the Pens on Sunday.
john b,
picture 20
First period was whatev city.
MAF was welcomed to the game early when RJ Umberger had a solid chance. Huge save.
That puck goes in, end it.
The beast of beats, Rick Nash, had a chance coming out of the corner, but MAF with another huge save.
MAF was all business.
Jordan Staal came in towards the end of the first and gave the Pens arguably their best chance of the first.
Save by Doobie.
photoshop me.
Alex Trebeck drunk. Naughty language.

picture 21
Second is more of the same whatev city until some joke takes a penalty.
After the top powerplay leaves turds on the ice, the second unit starts setting shit up.
Letang gets the puck in deep. GETS IT TO THE NET. 1-0.
PD sends in this kid pumped after the goal. raahhhh
Malhotra had a chance for Columbus a little after, and he rung the poop.
Letang comes back and gets a chance to walk in patiently. Nope.
After that, Malkin starts taking over again. Orpik GETS IT TO THE NET. Sykie is there. 2-0.
Racking up the goals.
stunned. sven.
stunned bus
Ken Hitchjoke calls a timeout. Idiot. 2-0 game?
Bob Errey openly making fun of Ken Hitchcock, good times.
Next thing you know, Ryan Whitney falls apart, and MAF almost gets killed by poopberger.
After a whistle, a CBJ player gets some Free Candy as he admires his shot.
Out of nowhere, The Bing leads a charge up ice. He makes a blind drop pass to a Blue Jack–
Oh, wait. It's Letang. What a shot. gdlkgngk 3-0.
Being up 3-0 in Mellon Arena is about as safe as a teenage girl in Aruba. The game was far from over.
The Jackets reminded us of that soon after the Letang goal, but MAF is the mayor of splitsville, as he robs Tony Dorsett as he tries to go to the house.
How to hack an electronic street sign. IT'S EASY.
picture 22
The third was survivor mode. It was a blur. Basically, we're just bullshitting since we didn't see much of the third. Malkin was making some unreal moves. Pens had a 2-on-1 in there somewhere.
Jordan Staal was no longer the elephant in the room in the third. He was more like the elephant who dominates in games against the Jackets.
The game gets delayed for two minutes because the puck gets stuck in one of Ken Hitchcock's chins.
Father Times hooks up with some carrot, and they go out for a ride on 376.
Mark Eaton was exceptional all game. He denies CBJ a chance.
MAF was pushing away the surging BJ's.
Malkin goes to the penalty box.
Carrot starts working on an escape plan to get him out.
She commissions the services of Tootin. 3-1.
You look at the clock, and there's over 10 minutes left. You put your pants on and strap in.
But Staal continued taking over this game.
Every Penguin had a breakaway in the third. Crosby had a chance. Not happening.
Then it was Doop's turn. Bizarre play.
Hitchcock wishes he still had that timeout.
Father Time gives birth to a stalk of celery and gets back in time to watch Bing put it home from downtown. 4-1.
and game.