Let There Be Lighthouse. PENS WIN.

It’s not an official NHL season until Trent Hunter comes out of the woodwork to score a big goal.
But the Pens took over in the third period despite Hunter’s near heroics.
The Pens were down heading into the third period.
They scrapped and were able to tie it up.
Late in a third, a Guerin penalty brings you to your feet.
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss that feeling.
The Pens survived it and were able to get into overtime and the shootout.
And it looks like Bing is starting to perfect the ways of BURIES IT.
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Reports are there were big pockets of Pens fans on Long Island.
One was upwards of 120+.
Reps from the NYC Meetup Group and Foleys were there.
sad state of affairs
Every game this season is going to open up with these teams trying to come at the Pens like they’ve never played hockey before. What a joke. Such is the case in The Season of Bring It.
Early on, Richard Park saw an eggroll in the corner and went after it with reckless abandon.
Then he had to get back to the set of Jon And Kate Plus 8.
The Isles had some good chances, but MAF was on top of shit.
Then the Rüster got the puck up to Bing.
Two years ago, Bing doesn’t score that goal. 1-0.
How is that dude in the background taking sip of his drink? Get in the game.
Even that vendor is watching.
“After I took it, a guy with a broken collarbone threatened to throw me 10 rows down” — Kevonic
No stranger to cheesing, Kevonic ate some nachos after taking this pic.
Jon Sim decided he would play and started hitting people.
Mike Rupp and Hugh Jackman drop the gloves.
After that, there was some jobbing.
Then Brendan Witt decided to get into the game.
That hit is as clean as it gets.  Maybe there was a people’s elbow.
But the Pens don’t care.

Dupes jumped on Witt, but out of nowhere, Jay Mckee flew in, Razor’s Edge in tow.
The NHL is cracking down on instigators, so Mckee got an automatic 2-minute penalty, plus a 10-minute misconduct for presumally being the third man in.
Early reports were Mckee got a game misconduct, but that was wrong.
Rulebook blog:
In the playoffs, Mckee doesn’t drop the gloves.
In his second game in a Pens uniform, it was a glorious move.
The Isles got the powerplay, and 21 Jump Streit didn’t waste any time.
Solid player. 1-1.
After that, the Isles had all the momentum until the waning moments of the second period pretty much.
P.S. — Who is this Moulson guy? He was property of the Pens?
Must have been a time where we were heavily sedated.
He said Shero never offered him a contract. Shero said he did.
Don’t know why the guy wants to fight about it.
Billie G.
( Best PS of the young season. )
jamie s.
Eaton takes some penalty.
John Tavares puts in a rebound for his first NHL goal. 2-1.
Tries to dispose of the Sheriff of Nottingham after the big goal
In the second, the Pens were offside and Malkin just kept skating with it, didn’t shoot it.
Brandon Witt jobs him.  What a joke.
The Pens, who should’ve by now been in mail-it-in mode in the second game of back-to-back, started bringing their balls at the end of the second.
couple people sent this pic in
Everything was falling into place when the third period started.
Jon and Kate took some penalty, and the Pens had a power play. Nope.
About 7 minutes into the third, the Pens execute that set play that Letang scored on in OT against the Caps in the playoffs.
This time, it was Letang getting it to Eaton off the faceoff, who just floats it to the net.
Hell yeah, you just knew the Pens were gon– 3-2. Trent Hunter. joke.
Great to have hockey back.
Father Time tore an ACL coming into the Nassau and will be out for the year.
Comes up big again
The Pens started pushing and pushing.
Somewhere in there, goalie Roloson throws the puck out of his glove and swats it out of harm’s way.
Who even does that? It didn’t even leave the zone.
Call us homos, but a Cup in your back pocket means you know what you got to do in these situations.
The Islanders had no chance.
The Pens start crashing.
Roloson’s out to lunch.  Bodies everywhere.
The Rüster sniffs out a loose puck. 3-3.
The Pens were still coming till the end of the period.
An innocent floater at the horn almost ended it.
It was a sign.
Tambellini was up first. ping.
LeGame was up next. Clicks the right thumbstick. GOAL.
John Tavares. Doesn’t even hit the net.
Bing’s number gets called. So effortless.
Can’t find the video or even a screenshot,
but some joke fan tried distracting Crosby on his shootout attempt.
Anyone know why he grabbed that shootout puck as a souvenir after scoring?
He notched his 400th career point earlier in the game. Did he forget to grab that puck?
  • Capitalizing the “K” in “McKee” is too much work. Not gonna do it. Except for that one.
  • Kennedy better stay on that second line.
  • We’ve heard reports of FSN jobbing fans outside of Ohio, PA, and WV.  Details coming Sunday night.


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