Garon With The Wind. PENS LOSE

Would have been nice to have at least gotten a point out of this mess.
Ian White's moustache was a force all night.
Garon showed why he is a backup goaltender in the National Hockey League.
Vesa Toskala was undoubtedly high.  Horrible performance.
But somehow the Leafs squeak out with the win.  The Pens mini 4-game road trip ends Tuesday in Montreal.  And, yes, the CONSOL T-shirt contest is still alive, although there was a close call.
The Pens came out with some fire and brimstone.  Toskala was out to lunch during a Satan-Talbot-Somebody shift.  Satan had a wide-open net but just shot it into Toskala instead.
Leafs defenseman Ian White gets some jobber goal to start the scoring.
His mustache got an assist.  1-0.
On a Saturday night in Toronto, you could just turtle up.
But Satan's slap shot is no turtle.  1-1.
That play came at the end of a long cycling shift by the Leafs.  Solid play.
Ian White was gonna be in the Pens kitchen all night, banging their dog.  He elbowed Staal on the boards, and Staal retaliated, putting the Leafs on the power play.
But the Pens killed it.  Malkin was insane in the second half of that kill.
That girl over Malk's right shoulder is hotttttttttt.
Towards the end of the first, Crosby gets Fingered, and the Pens jump on the power play.  No dice.
Chernobyl blog, but not really.  The Leafs put a couple of homo goals in, setting up an insane third period.
But the real story of the second period came from Tyler Kennedy.  According to EMPTY NETTERS, the NHL is investigating the Kennedy fight, saying he jumped off the bench to start the altercation:

Luke Schenn is a jerkoff as far as we're concerned.
Nothing really else happened in the second, as you started booking some golfing trips in early April.
Then Grapes was kissing men in the stands again.
Third periods have become unpredictable this season.  A 3-1 Leafs lead going into the third wasn't good.
But there was still 20 minutes left.
Not even a minute in, the Pens get a big goal from Bing.  3-2.
A little after that, the Pens let Egg Shen go to town.  Loose puck in front.  Goal.   4-2.
Cooke-Malkin-Crosby jump onto the ice and do some work along the boards.  The Leafs get suckered into it, leaving Ryan Whitney open long enough at the point to eventually got a slapshot off.  Deflection.  4-3.
Barely a minute later, Kennedy shoots one from a local Tim Horton's.  Goal.  4-4.
Never fear.  The classy Leafs get the lead again.
We're reminded Jason Blake is still in the NHL.  5-4.
And we're reminded how much we hate Jason Blake.
Cooke-Malkin-Crosby had about a four-minute shift in the twilight of the game, and even against a fresh Maple Leaf squad, they dominated.
Malkin slides it over to Cooke.
Sykora buries it.
Just sayin'.
Still a solid shift.
We were gonna see them before the game was done for.
And then that was no dice.
picture 24
  • Doug Gilmour was a solid NHL player
  • Welcome to 10th place.
  • Sykora : 15:45 minutes of ice time. Wonder if Therrien knows he has 19 goals?
  • whatev.