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It Took A While. PENS LOSE


It's been a while.

Technical difficulties and G20 summits and such.

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Brent Johnson for the Pens. Vesa Toskala for the Leafs.

The game starts off as sort of a mess.

The Pens get some sustained pressure early on. Ryan Bayda scores. 1-0.
Goligoski and McKee look good on the blue line.

The Pens continue to do a good job forechecking.

The pressure from the penguins causes the Leafs to get a penalty for high sticking.
The Pens give the puck away. Dan Bylsma looks visibly upset. That may be the first time we've seen that.

Pierre McGuire mentions that Tom Fitzgerald broke his ankle which lead to a serious infection.
Of course, he calls him "Tommy."

The Pens don't do much on their power play.

Fedotenko gets hit hard by Rosehill. Staal gets decked by Beauchemin. The crowd is into it now.

Tim Wallace returns the favor by hitting Stahlberg.

Bayda takes a penalty.

McGuire makes reference to "Christopher" Pronger and "Scottie" Niedermeyer. Apparently calling everyone by a variation of their first name is what all the cool kids are doing. We're waiting for him to say "Jordy" Staal.

The penalty is killed with no shots from the Leafs.

Chris Conner gets a breakaway and he scores. Nice goal. 2-0.

The Pens start hitting now. It leads to a Biz Nasty/Rosehill fight. The shots are 9-1 Pens at this point.

Grabovski gets a quick shot on a one timer but Johnson makes the save.

McGuire drools over how good Jordan Staal was at Canada's Olympic camp.
He doesn't say "Jordy." We're disappointed.

The Leafs finally get some shots now. No dice.

The hitting continues. You can feel the aggression increase with every preseason game.

The period ends.

McKee has three blocked shots so far. Nice.

McGuire yells some stuff about Tyler Bozak and Luke Schenn.

McKee gets a penalty for interference. The Leafs are putting in more effort this period.

The Leafs get a chance in front of the net. Eaton kicks to to Johnson who covers up. Rupp and Beauchemin aren't happy with one another.

Wallace and Mayers collide. Wallace gets up. Mayers doesn't. Okay, he does eventually, but not right away.

The TSN announcers have mentioned Chris Pronger about five times during this broadcast. Apparently they're among the contingent that assume Pronger will singlehandedly destroy the Penguins. And they're looking forward to it.

Kulemin takes a hard shot. Johnson blocks it and he pushes the rebound away.

The shots are now 9-9. No shots for the Pens this period.

There's some miscommunication in the Pens' zone and the Leafs capitalize. 2-1.
Johnson gets run over on the goal. A trainer comes out to check on him. He's fine.

The Pens try the same tactic on Toskala, but they hit the post.

McGuire says "push harder on the puck" about six times.

The Pens get another good chance, but Nick Johnson can't score.

Conner is almost sent out on another breakaway, but the pass is too far.

Bissonnette gets hit by Komisarek. A bit later he hits Cooke.

This causes the announcers to gush over Komisarek for a while.

Ian White holds Chris Conner and gets called.

Pens powerplay. Goligoski, Staal, Kennedy, Fedotenko and Cooke on the ice. Goligoski and Fedotenko are on the blue line. It's a little odd.

Komisarek causes more trouble, hitting Cooke from behind. Jordan Staal has seen enough and he drops the gloves.

How does Matt Cooke end up in the box there?

Nonetheless, it's now four-on-four as Cooke's called for unsportsmanlike conduct?
Nothing really happens four-on-four.

The Leafs get a powerplay as Eaton is called for tripping.

There's a scramble in front of the Leafs net, but the puck stays out.

Johnson makes a big save, but stays down for a while.

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John Curry starts the third for the Pens.

Conner gets another chance. He takes the puck around the net, but gets hit.

Beauchemin with a huge hit on Wallace. Bissonnette drops the gloves. McGuire talks about how strong Beauchemin is. The fight ends with the two wrestling down to the ice. McGuire continues talking about Beauchemin's strength and how Bissonnette made a mistake by underestimating him. He, sadly, doesn't say anything about a "big body."

Bortuzzo blasts a huge shot at Toskala. McGuire says the Leafs defense was on the ice too long and that they are "sucking dirty pond water now."

There's a big scramble in front of Curry. The Leafs can't get it by him. The Pens ice the puck.

McGuire talks about how Staal is "amazing" and could make Team Canada as a winger.

Stahlberg with some nice stickhandling into the Pens zone. He shoots just wide.

Rupp decks him along the boards. Ian White steps in.
Grabovski steals the puck from Kennedy. Kennedy gets a penalty trying to get it back.

Paul Coffey is in attendance.

Leafs power play is killed as Gunnarsson gets called for holding.

Primeau gets a good shot off, but Curry stops it.

Luke Schenn with a good chance, but Curry with another save. McGuire is now calling players by their numbers and jersey colors (think of him yelling "NUMBER FOUR IN BLACK" last season.)

Eaton with a great chance, but he puts it over the net. Anyone who is regularly on the power play buries that.

The Leafs get another power play. Curry makes an awesome save on Bozak.

With a minute and a half left, Kadri almost ties it. Curry gets over just in time.

The Leafs call a timeout and pull their goalie.

Kadri doesn't miss this time. 2-2.

The Leafs keep pushing. There's a scrum to end the period.



Overtime solves nothing. Staal makes a great move around Beauchemin with seconds left, but Toskala stops it.
Disco calls a timeout with six seconds left and the crowd boos.
It almost pays off. Staal set up Nick Johnson who was wide open, only to have his stick break.

Kadri and Stempniak score in the shootout to win it for the Leafs.