Everyone has kept up their end of the bargain in the donations department,
as we are very close to being halfway there.
Now it is time to unleash the monster that is RINKOTOLOGY.
Jump for the link.
* Site is running as of 10:30am

Monday, April 6th, we placed a call to good friend Gabe A., a founding father of The Pensblog.
We asked him if an online bracket was possible.
He said sure.
We asked if it was possible for the bracket to re-seed itself in the second round.
He said no problem, holmes.
Could people log into this site and have an account?
Yeah, no problem.
Gabe got his friend Ryan on board to work on the account-management part of it.
The work that Ryan Chun has put into this is why two-hour movies are made.
He has been the silent assassin.
The bracket re-seeding itself was the biggest hurdle to overcome.
Chun did it while eating a ham sandwich.
And after a week of long hours and hard work on their part and numerous steel-cage matches regarding creative control and content,
we feel that RINKOTOLOGY is pretty nasty.
With some help from FACEOFF-FACTOR,
the word will be spread.
All details can be found on the website over there,
but we figured we should get the info out as well.
No donation to MLF is necessary to enter this contest.
We aren’t sure of the prizes yet, but they’re gonna be sick.
The deadline is Wednesday, April 15, 4:00 Eastern.
Here is a breakdown of the scoring system:
1. After each playoff series, the results are updated.
2. Each user’s picks are scored based on following scoring system:

A) 5 points awarded for each correct first-round pick.
B) 10 points awarded for each correct second-round pick.
C) 15 points awarded for each correct Conference Finals pick.
D) 20 points awarded for correct Stanley Cup pick.

E) If the number of games user picked was incorrect, points are deducted from the maximum points.

example) If user picked 6 games in a first-round series, but the winner was decided in 7 games, only 4 points are awarded to the user.

F) The maximum point possible is 130 points.

G) If more than one user has the same point total. the following rules are used to determine the ranking between those users:
H) No one likes the letter “H”
i) More points scored in the Stanley Cup Final.
ii) If still tied, tiebreaker will go to who made more correct team picks.
iii) If still tied, winner will be decided on who submitted their bracket first.

go pens
* We are aware of an issue with not being able to register or sign in at RINKO.
Working on what we can.  — 7:33 A.M.
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