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2010 NHL Playoff Rinkotology Rules & Scoring
Many more scoring categories have been added for this version, both for skaters & goalies, so be sure to factor in ALL categories when choosing your team.
Final rosters need set by: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14 — 5:00pm

Player selection (one from each team):

10 Forwards 4 Defensemen 2 Goalies
Choose from your 14 skaters:

1 Captain x3 points 2 Alternate Captains x2 points

Skater Scoring Categories:
-Goals: 3pts
-Assists: 2pts
-Shots on goal: 0.1pts
-Hits: 0.1pts -Blocked shots: 1pts -Plus/Minus(+/-): +0.5 or -.05pts
SPECIALTY BONUS POINTS FOR SKATERS (These points are added to a player’s stat categories. Any application of these bonus points DOES NOT affect normal stat categories. So an OT goal would be worth 6 points.)
-Powerplay goals: +1
-Shorthanded goals: +2
-Hat-trick: +5
-OT Assist: +1

-GWG (in regulation): +2

-Series-clinching goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +5

-Stanley Cup winning goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +10

-ALL Game Seven goals: +2
Goalie Scoring Categories:
-Win: 3pts
-Shutout: 5pts
-Goals against: -0.5pts
-OT SAVES: 0.5pts -Assist: 3pts -Goal: 10pts
-Penalty shot save: 1pts

Quick Breakdown of team-selection process

1. You are picking 10 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 2 goalies. (One from each team)

2. From your 10 forwards and 4 defensemen, you are selecting 1 captain and 2 alternate captains.

Things to keep in mind when selecting your fantasy team at Rinkotology:
1. All of your Captains’ points are worth x3. 2. All of your Alternate Captains’ points are worth x2.
3. There will be minus points for this game.

4. If your captain is a minus for the game, it will be x3 in the negative. 5. If one of your Alternate Captains is a minus for the game, it will be x2 in the negative.

Meaning if your players finals point total is -2. And that player is your captain, his score will be -6. If that player was your alternate captain, his score will be -4. The same applies for goaltending.
Injury Policy This applies to a player on a given users team that is injured for an extended amount of time. The player that is injured will be auto replaced by the next highest point getter in that position.


Payout There will be three conferences that a user will be assigned to. Payouts in each of the 3 conferences: 1st – $300 2nd – $250 3rd – $200 4th – $150 5th – $100 (1st place OVERALL wins an extra $700 to make a cool $1,000 for the winner) 6th-15th place: All receive $50. This factors out to $5,200. 45 winners in total.

Visit the RULES section of Rinkotology for everything you need to know about the scoring system,
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