Last Weekend in August



Like that old man who lives in the woods near your house, fall is quietly creeping up on us.
The good news is that so is hockey season.

But we've still got a lot of Summer of Woooooo pics to post.






That selfish, whiny, cowardly, immature Sidney Crosby sent a kid in Nova Scotia an autographed picture to replace one that had been stolen.

"It was a definite low point for nine-year-old Benjamin Kerrivan when a teenager ran out of a large crowd and snatched his most prized possession during Sidney Crosby’s recent visit to show off the Stanley Cup.

Like many youngsters, Benjamin is a huge Crosby fan. The Lower Sackville boy’s room is filled with Crosby paraphernalia, and he’s meticulously saving pennies for a trip to Pittsburgh to watch Crosby play with the Penguins.

Benjamin was one of thousands who shadowed Sid the Kid’s every move when he paraded the Stanley Cup through his hometown of Cole Harbour. For Benjamin it was a dream come true when Crosby reached through the crowd, grabbed and signed his hockey trading card before handing it back.

But just as a jubilant Benjamin turned to show his mother his treasure, it was yanked out of his hand by a teenager who quickly tore off into the bustling crowd."

We wonder if Sid shook his hand after signing the card, or if he snubbed the poor child in a blatant act of disrespect.
Also, who steals an autograph from a kid?

"Huh, I thought all Crosby did around Lower Sackville was throw punches… "

J.J. from Kansas in Cblog







"It's not about defending; it's about trying to go out and win another one. You don't want to focus on what you did in the past. You don't want to keep reminding yourself how good you are."

The Toronto Star has a good article on Penguins draft pick Andy Bathgate and his grandfather, Andy Bathgate.