Kris Letang Re-Signs
Letang re-signed for 4 years at $3.5million per.
If you think Letang is being overpaid, every comment coming from Pens brass drills home that he will develop into this contract, that he has a long way to go, blah blah blah.
The natural progression of thought is that this means Gonchar is on his way out.
We don't want to talk about it.
Gonchar has been as vital a cog these past few Cup runs as any other Penguin.
We'll go as far to say that the Pens don't win the Cup last year without him.
We'll go even farther in saying the way Gonch was treated in his first season was a top five reason why we even started a blog.
Just speaking in general terms, every team worth their balls has that one marquee defenseman.
Are we ready to call Kris Letang a marquee defenseman?
And what about Ponikarovsky and Leopold?
What about Tits McGee?
We refuse to put too much thought into this. Just isn't time.
We're too busy thinking about how crazy its going to be when Craig Adams scores the game winner in the ECF against the  Devils.
After the jump, Phil Bourque poses for a pic.
Lemieux's Scrabble score.  Pirate relics from the attic. Penguins 3D seats.
And an unbelievable NHL on NBC parody video.
Just amazing.
Both courtesy of axnjxn415
Got this e-mail from Idris Dragon:
Bourque on a recent trip to CalU.
One thing interesting about Cal U. They sent this jersey to Pascal Dupuis early this season, and Dupes sent it to us through a friend to let them know he got it.
We posted it forever ago, but ever since, Dupuis has been unstoppable:
Stunned pic from the Caps game over the weekend.
Speaking of the Caps, Charlie does DC:
picture 7
How sick is this from the Pens.
A 3D look at the seats for the CEC. [3D]
Early debate on seats begin.
The view from section 102
There is a shit load of info pouring out for the CEC now.
We highly recommend [] for some unbelievable behind the scenes stuff.
picture 7
Jay Bell for life.