Kick The Tires And Light The Fires. PENS WIN. PLAYOFFS CITY

The Penguins can fool themselves to whatever extent they please that they earned two points that were absolutely indispensable last night, but the way they've played the Islanders over the past 125 minutes of ice time plus a shootout has left little doubt that they've kissed this season good-bye.
-Gene Collier, PG Columnist- Feb 26, 2009.
It is easy to call Collier a joke for writing that, but lets face it who didn't feel like that? He was just dumb enough to write it on the Internet.
The season that looked to be left for dead on Long Island has come full circle.
The Penguins crawled through 32 points in about six weeks, and came from a place we couldn't even possibility imagine.


The 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins.
The team that crawled through a river of shit, and came out in the NHL playoffs on the other side.

Dennis P., Cam R., Michele
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Sun Sports, Tampa's network sets the stage with a nice fail.
Nothing really happened in the first period at all.
Tampa Bay really sucks.
FSN did a story about the Bolts shooting around tires in practice. It must be easy to find tires when you owners throw people under the bus every day.
Sykora takes a slashing at some point, and then the USS knocks a puck into the stands for a delay of game.
Pens kill the 5-on-3 with ease.
Towards the end of the period, Malone gets some free candy.
Nothing else happens.
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Great post by [The Unemployed Asshole]. He finds some kid in the middle of a YouTube fight about people calling him a homo. Great stuff.
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The lightning waste no time bringing the suck. Two minutes in and they take two penalties.
The Pens don't get shit on either, but they do create some momentum.
TK and Staal are up to their old tricks, and Tenko is the beneficiary.
He takes a Staal pass, and smokes it past John Rambo.
Fail please:
Okay the H is missing, tough break.
1. Thumbs up sign= unreal.
2. Guy top left is sooooooo mad.
Pens wind up in the box again after Bing has a big chance. The powerplay doesn't last long for the Lighting because they hook Matt Cook.
Eaton almost scores on the delayed penatly.
Tampa takes another penalty, so the Pens get another 5-on-3.
Mega powers hook up. Malkin to Bing.
John Rambo's life unravels after that. Pens still on a powerplay. Kunitz springs Bing on a powerplay.
Goal city. 3-0.
Our boy [PSAMP] found a great pic. Check out the ladys face where the arrow is pointing.
Pens are like whatev rest of the second. Eaton almost gets killed by some dude that looks like jaws from James Bond.
Somehow the Pens take two penalties, and TB gets a 5-on-3.
More big time penalty killing by the Pens, though. Time runs out in the period. Game is over.
picture 22
Pens kill the rest of the shit.
Cookie goes to All State and gets an insurance goal. 4-0.
Easiest game ever.
Yea, not so much. Koci tries to murders Talbot. Gods isn't a fan.
It was clear Tocchet was sending players to cause chaos. He had the over and wanted to get some shit going.
And it worked.
All of sudden for like the next two minutes all you here is a horn going off.
Tampa gets a shorthanded goal. 4-1.
St.Louis gets a goal on a nice give and go with Stamjoke.4-2.
Then like eight seconds later this happens:
Puck is in the Pens zone.
Some idiot nails Scuds into MAF.
Refs watch it happen.
Easy goal. 4-3.
But we've lived it all season.
You knew the Pens would respond. And they did.
Sykora springs Tenk on a breakaway. Rambo makes a save, but guess who cleans it up:
Petr Gunn with his 300th career goal, at a most needed time.
John Rambo and Tocchet were flipping out after the goal. No clue why.
Tocchet your thoughts:

"The ref blew it. Plain and simple," Tocchet said. "We battled hard. We just needed a fighting chance there."

We're still trying to figure out what he means by that? Were the refs supposed to not let Sykora score?
What a moron.
After Tocchet had to wipe his balls, the Lightning made the rest of the game about trying to injure Malkin.
Class acts.
Guerin fought the big dude after he cross checked Gonch. Maybe one of the more homoerotic fights in recent memory, but it still took some giant balls to fight that guy.
The Bolts scored with 40 seconds to go, but Staal ended their lives with a Empty netter.
  • Pens have killed 27/28 penalties last few games.
  • Ryan Malone broke his hand. Shame he won't be able to golf now.
  • Can't wait to start watching "One From The Heart." and "Against The Odds," in a continuous loop.
  • sick.
Go Pens.