Keystone State of Mind. PENS WIN.
Remember all those times the Pens would play some team and some jobber no-name stain would score two crippling goals?
Remember that look on your face?
Did it look like this:
Chris Conner was hotter than hell down on the farm.
And with the Road Dog Billy Guerin out, Shero played a hunch.
And, as usual, Shero wins.

All of a sudden, the Pens have won 5 out of 7 and 33 out of 54.
People are beating off about the Pens being 2 points behind the Devils now.
Too bad the Devils have only played 50 games to the Pens' 54.
The Olympic break is creeping up, too.  8 games left.  And with the trade deadline blasting GMs in the face coming away from Vancouver, odds are Ray Shero is working the phones as we speak.
LTomana and PLiefeld
Pierce and Laura
Ryan P.
Nick B.



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You are doing yourself a major disservice if you don't go to this Picasa Web Album.
Versus had to squeeze some tuff MMA fighters in the game intro.
'Cause when we see Crosby, Malkin, and Gaborik, we immediately draw comparisons to white-trash karate.
look out
More action before the puck even drops,
as Verizon shows a commercial of Ovechkin and Richards at an airport.

Verizon just showed Versus how to do advertising. On their own network.
No sticking needles in bobbleheads and people pretending to be from Boston.
19 minutes and 55 seconds of the first period needed a dose of Flomax.
Absolutely nothing going on.
The 5 exciting seconds entailed Crosby leading an innocent 3-on-2 into the zone.
Chris Conner gets in scoring position. Goal. 1-0.

That's why Chris Bourque sucks.

Job job job. Godard gets hurt.
Rangers looked atrocious.
The Pens had a powerplay at the end of the first.
They looked primed, but ballsac.
Fleury looked sharp in the action he saw.
As Pens fans, we are all grateful GhostWalker40 is on our side.
This comes from reader Anthony, who was at the taping for this commercial:


Second verse, same as the first.
Finally, after like 8 years of waiting, there was actually a STAAL-vs-STAAL moment.
Jordan and Marc push each other around.  They almost made out.
The Rangers get some bullshit powerplay when Malkin heads to the box to read some fanmail.
Malkin comes out of the box, and Sid sets him up for a chance.
But it was such a hurried sequence.
Malkin had no room once he got to Stunnedqvist.
I Robot scores for the Rangers. 1-1.





Same place where Chris Conner scored in the first.
MAF makes a glove save that steals Brandon Dubinsky's identity.


Suck it.


Chris Conner scored this goal down in Wilkes-Barre.
Unnecessary caption.

Erin K.
Want to give Fleury the nod for being stellar in his first game back from injury?  No problem.


But the gamepuck for this one goes to the PK unit at the start of third period.
Heroic shorthanded performance that would make Rick Allen proud any day.


Another bullshit Rangers goal.
Yeah, act like you did something involving talent.  2-1.
Malkin gives Lundqvist a Foley catheter.  2-2.
Conner 60 seconds later.  3-2.





Rangers vomit on themselves.  Dupes adds the empty net.



Wish the third period could've been built up more somehow.

Bizarre game.


Apple tablet.