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There was a game the night the Pens traded for Hossa back in 08′ against the Islander in long Island.
Conklin made like 50 saves, won the game 4-2, and had no business doing so. -[Pensblog ver 1]
Yea, this is probably payback for that.
The Pens owned the Sabres for the first period. Ryan Miller wasn’t even interested in playing.
But momentum is a strange thing in hockey. Patrick Lalime came in for Miller, and stole the show. Simple as that.
Say anything you want, if Lindy Ruff leaves Miller in for five more minutes, it is 5-0.
Instead, Lalime came in and was on acid.
He was making save after save. Eventually, the Sabres became inspired. They fought back. If you have watched hockey long enough, you knew the feeling.
Doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. But we’ll move on. The good news there is chance for immediate redemption tonight.
The bad news, it is against New Jersey.







Slick arnold
Right off the opening faceoff the ref has to warn Tyler Kennedy to calm down. That is a good sign.
Kennedy was a healthy scratch against the Leafs. He was jacked.
Pens come out flying. Liked the lines alot, the D pairings got mixed as well.
Mckee-Eaton, Gonch-Go-Go and Letang-Orpik.
Could you see it was only a matter of time before the Pens would get a goal.
TK came flying down the left-side, Staal cleans it up. 1-0
Steigy: “The team that has scored the first goal as lost the last five games.
Probably should have turned it off right there.
The Penguins were all over the Sabres after that. Miller stops being emo for a few minutes and makes a save. What a joke.
Sabres get some chances, but nothing major. Late in the period, Bill Guerin beats Miller from the boards. Cindy Ruff looked like he was going to throw up. Pens didn’t let up. They almost got another one, as the boos rained down on the Sabres.
Best period of the season.
picture 15
reader Diamond Dave sent this pic in:
Just wow. For the record, the canuck in that pic is Stan Smyl.
Ryan Miller was still peeing himself when Koon beat him to make it 3-0.
great screen by dupes. Miller sucks.
Cindy Ruff had seen enough and goes to Patrick Lalime.



Miller flips out like a baby on the bench. If Team USA thinks it is going anywhere with that pyscho in net, they’d be better not showing up.
As Lalime made his way to the net, just got one of those bad feelings. The guy is a Penguin killer, and a 3-0 lead is nothing in the new NHL, especially when you remember the rule that the Sabres aren’t called for penalties when they play at home.
The Pens peppered Lalime. The Sabres weren’t even playing defense at some points. But Lalime was out of his ass. It just started to slowly turn.
Bout midway through, Mckee risked his life to save a puck from going in. The puck got shot under him. He was in the crease. Penalty shot city. It was a good call, we looked it up. Too lazy to screenshot it.
Cindy Ruff chooses Drew Stafford to take the PS.
goal, 3-1.
Stafford was under heavy fire in Buffalo for being a waste. He woke up big time. Kudos to Cindy Ruff for actually doing something right. Asshole.
The PS got the ball rolling in the meltdown. Buffalo fans got into it. A short time later, Stafford found the net again. 3-2.
Talbot had some chance on a two-on-one, but his stick broke.
Lalime kept making saves. Heading into the third, it just smelled like chernobyl.
picture 15
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Pens fought like hell, but Lalime was unbeatable. It was all just delaying the inevitable. The talentless Paul Gaustad tied the game 3-3 after a sick dish from Stafford.
Then things settled down. Pens had many chances, and it wasn’t like they were playing well, Lalime just wasn’t letting up a goal. So frustrating.
Looked like the Pens could get at least get to OT, but then Craig Adams got called for boarding. Sabres set up shop on the powerplay. Pominville, top shelf.
Pens fought to the bitter end. They got a powerplay for some reason, but they couldn’t tie it. Lalime acted like he was playing for the cup. Late faceoff in the Sabres zone.
No dice.
Tough one.
picture 24
  • No clue whats going to happen tonight in NJ.
  • Do you start Brent Johnson?
  • Pens upcoming schedule is tough.
go Pens.
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