Kate Smith Photoshop Expo, Other Shit



The Kate Smith Photoshop Expo.
All entries due Thursday, March 25 at midnight. Expo will run On March 26, the Day before the Pens play the Flyers.
Had to be done.
Rivalry week.
picture 24
Couple of things:
  • Stoosh has been hired as a new writer. We're working on getting Rage under contract for the offseason.
  • The rules for the Rinkotology playoff version have been released. [Rinko Blog]
  • Big Ben is in a bad episode of Law & Order. [Mondesi's]
  • Crosby at the Skates and Plates:

  • All the pics from the Skates and plates are online. [PENS.COM]

  • And lastly from Pens.com, some shootout fun if you have nothing better to do. Orpik with a nasty move.